My 'New Girl' Favorite Punchline

 Trust me, I never laugh harder than this before since 2020 ended.

This is sooo funny. 


S1 E23 (when Jess just broke up, lying on the floor being sad)

Winston "Hey Jess, what's this song call?"

Jess (in a weak voice) "The River. Do you like it?" 

Winston "Yea yea, I like it when you put it for the first time at ten o'clock last night. I like it a little bit less at two am. And now I'm kinda hoping that the Sun comes up, toss that river and that woman drowns"

Jess "GET OUT"

(God I laugh soo hard at this one)


Season 2, with anger issue


Schmidt (with calm voice) "Well, I wouldn't exactly call it issue. An issue is something that can be fix"

(And then the scene plays a flashback of when Nick yelling at the door.

The door says pull, and he pushed it soo hard it wouldn't move



S2 E19, (When Schmidt is crazy about getting over Cece and he obsessed with Lion Fish. Suddenly Cece brought him a Lion Fish while he was sleeping at the hospital because of an accident.

Schmidt wakes up, and see that Lion Fish)

Schmidt "You know what, Winston. I realised something. This isn't about fish. This is about Cece"

Winston: (Poker face, roll eyes, like saying I know)

Schmidt (with a smile on his face, raises the tiny aquarium to his eyes, staring closely to the fish and say..) "I will take it back to the Ocean. This isn't mine. She belongs there in the world, I will let her free"

Schmidt takes the aquarium to the closet...

Winston "Hey, don't.. that's not going to the ocean.."

Schmidt (angry) "Oh you're a city planner now?"


Bogor, Masih Januari 7

Ngakak parah ya Allah dari semalem ga berenti. 


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