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My COVID Story

  22-02-2022 I got tested as COVID positive. The first time I had Covid since this virus went viral. It wasn't a good Tuesday, at least not for me. I constantly think about death, although I know so many people have recovered from it. I had the symptoms.. pretty badly.. that painful fever, body aching, I cry in my room, I move to the other room and cry in that room, wishing for death. I had sore throat, and hoarse voice. So.. yeah. I got covid. Days went by, and I learn to live with it. It's getting lighter, but what warms my heart is the attention I get from my surroundings. Friends keep sending me food, plenty of them.. frozen food, milk, chocolate, herbs, honey, oat biscuit.. everything I need is here because they're sending me. While writing this post.. which I'm pretty aware it's been a while since my last post.. I have an herb with honey. The herbs is from my bestfriend Hera, and the honey is from my bestfriend since high school, Ijal. I also had a cookie with