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What do you want, Really?

  A.. What do you want from me? After abandoning our ship and gave me no answer when I begged you to fix the problem, now you showed up all casual as if nothing happened. What do you want from me? A friendship? I can't be your friend. We can't be friends. You know how I feel about you and what we did is not something I would ever casually done with a friend. And you know that. Don't play with a woman's heart. Make up your mind first, and unless I am the one that you want, please don't ever bother coming back. I have enough. I just want peace. BR, Hilma


  April. 2024 is only 4 months, but I have let go of two things I thought will be mine forever. Letting go seems to be my constant lesson since 2016 and yet I still failing on the tests. It has to be Allah at the center of my heart, instead, I put him, I put my sisters, I put basically everyone but Him.  Let this note be a reminder for me, that I am on my own since now and forever and that won't change. Not even IF (and only IF) I'm married.