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The Man Who Invented Christmas

"I say a lot of things that are nonsense when I'm working. You know how ideas took possession of me. You knew I was like this when you married me" Catherine nodded. Her eyes began to fill with tears. "Yes.. I did. But you have.. no idea what it's like to live with you. To always walking on eggshells, trying to guess your mood, to knew which of your commands are whimp and which aren't and sometimes I.. I feel your characters matter more to you than your own flesh and blood" she sobs. There was a pause between Charles Dickens and his wife, Catherine before he said.. "I am who I am.." "and who is that? It as if there's two of you. One who is kind and gentle and the secret self that none is allowed to know or question" *** Pojok kamar, habis isya tanggal berapa lupa yang jelas Hari Senin. Catherine Dickens teach me tonight, on how to be a patient wife of a great man. The great woman behind great man, eh? You mean.. great te


She is pretty, she is genius, freakishly smart, but she is lonely. Nobody seems to get her. She always wanted to be like ice cream. Because,. you know.. people like ice cream. She couldn't get people to like her, she couldn't get along with anyone. No fruits, no veggies, can befriend her. One that she thought will be her perfect match is chicken. But when chicken gets home, cooked deliciously with traditional spices, rosemary couldn't be around him anymore. She's feeling guilty so she took a step back. After all, she misses her home. The place where she could fit perfectly. A nice meat grill with simple seasoning, not too oily nor too spicy. She had her place, which she left. She knows she couldn't get back there ever again. She knows there's no place in her old home for her. But she couldn't stand the solitary life. She needs people who understand her, who knows how genius she is, how she could memorize every little detail because she had a perfect memory

Berjalin Berkelindan

Wise man once said, life is a scattered dot. It's never random at all. Tuhan kita kerap memberi panduan dengan teka-teki, supaya manusia-Nya berpikir, berakal, dan mau memahami. Salah satu teka-teki yang Dia beri, adalah dengan 'acaknya' susunan ayat di dalam Al-Quran. Yang hanya jika kita lihat dan telaah lebih dalam, susunan acak itu ternyata saling terkoneksi satu sama lain, membentuk pola bangunan utuh. Seperti titik-titik yang tersebar, saling berjalin berkelindan satu dengan lainnya, hanya bagi mereka yang memiliki ilmu. Seolah ingin mengatakan bahwa, hidup juga demikian. Satu kejadian dengan kejadian lain seperti acak dan tidak saling berkaitan. Tapi lama setelahnya barulah kita tahu, kenapa itu semua terjadi. Salah satu teka-teki di dalam Al-Quran yang berhasil dipecahkan dan disambungkan scattered dot nya adalah di Surah Sad  lihat di sini. Malam ini, setelah hangout online jilid 2 sampai jam setengah dua (yang pertama sampai jam 1) pagi, saya jadi ingin me