She is pretty, she is genius, freakishly smart, but she is lonely. Nobody seems to get her. She always wanted to be like ice cream. Because,. you know.. people like ice cream. She couldn't get people to like her, she couldn't get along with anyone. No fruits, no veggies, can befriend her. One that she thought will be her perfect match is chicken. But when chicken gets home, cooked deliciously with traditional spices, rosemary couldn't be around him anymore. She's feeling guilty so she took a step back.

After all, she misses her home. The place where she could fit perfectly. A nice meat grill with simple seasoning, not too oily nor too spicy. She had her place, which she left. She knows she couldn't get back there ever again. She knows there's no place in her old home for her. But she couldn't stand the solitary life. She needs people who understand her, who knows how genius she is, how she could memorize every little detail because she had a perfect memory.

She is pretty and smart. But nobody seems to get her.

Bogor, 11 Juni 2020
Another rainy June. I cooked a lot lately. A chicken soup, chicken balado manis pedas (banyakan manisnya), and other stuff I shouldn't mention.


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