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Resetting the Goal

I got a story, told by one of the client on our way down the road. It was raining, and we had a three hours drive upon us. So.. They started to make a joke about life before turning the topic on nostalgic story. This one guy had a broken heart experience that he decided to share it with us. He had a best friend, a girl. They were together since high school, their house even so near that he can pick her up everyday until college. They are extremely close that their group suspect them of having an affair, more than just a friend. He must confess that he too have feelings for her. But he doesn't have enough courage to tell her, because he respect their friendship. Even after they graduate he still going on a trip with her along with the group. Until one day.. When his job was getting crazier, he couldn't take the trip. The group was decided to go with one additional member. A doctor, he said. A friend of her. He never knew that not taking that trip means missing a chance of g


The Jewish.. why are they so passionate about their work? Why are they excel in every field they're doing?  *** It is pain, that unites people. If you realized, how Dutch armies has united this separated island into one fight under national flag. It is war, that we seek. As what Loki said in his first attempt to conquer Earth, this is what human beings naturally are, we're in desperate need of conquerer. Being enslaved as we used to. Freedom is just a lie, because nothing is really free in this world.  Human's basic need is ego. Fulfilling the ego, is like drinking the ocean and still not enough.  We are all separated. Categorized by labels, religion, skin color, nationality, not until the species from outter space are coming in that we'll unite as a team. Otherwise, we fight each other to prove who's the strongest.  Isn't it? *** World is in chaos. People are trying to fix it.  I was once thinking that I could be part of them. Be a big guy, who


"No matter what we breed,  We still are made of greed This is my Kingdom come This is my Kingdom come When you feel my heat,  look into my eyes It's where my demons hide It's where my demons hide Don't get too close It's dark inside It's where my demons hide, It's where my demons hide"  Imagine Dragons - Demons.  *** Secuplik lagu tadi menutup perjalanan saya pulang kantor malam ini. Sembari mengantri macet oleh sebab mobil yang melampaui batas, mengambil jalur sebelah dan menghambat pergerakan lalu lintas, yang justru menjadi tontonan lucu karena mobil yang sepertinya dikendarai oleh sepasang suami istri itu, malah marah-marah. Padahal mereka salah. Saya menyaksikan bagaimana sang istri turun dari mobil, marah-marah, memarahi pengendara yang menghadang. Wajar mereka dihadang, mobil itu mencoba menyalip mobil-mobil lain dengan menggunakan jalur orang lain yang berlawanan arah. Tapi ketimbang mengaku salah dan membantu m