Resetting the Goal

I got a story, told by one of the client on our way down the road. It was raining, and we had a three hours drive upon us. So.. They started to make a joke about life before turning the topic on nostalgic story.

This one guy had a broken heart experience that he decided to share it with us. He had a best friend, a girl. They were together since high school, their house even so near that he can pick her up everyday until college.

They are extremely close that their group suspect them of having an affair, more than just a friend. He must confess that he too have feelings for her. But he doesn't have enough courage to tell her, because he respect their friendship.

Even after they graduate he still going on a trip with her along with the group.

Until one day.. When his job was getting crazier, he couldn't take the trip. The group was decided to go with one additional member. A doctor, he said. A friend of her.

He never knew that not taking that trip means missing a chance of getting the girl he wants. That doctor, the one with the new member, proposed to her in an airplane. Using microphone, from where the cabin crew used to announce everything. With such effort of proposing, who's gonna say no.

The girl said yes, and then they get married until today.

As for the man, he kept going with his life, even become one of the wedding committee, be happy for her, and maintaining their friendship forever. Even now when he's expecting for his first born.


You see, life is a magical story you could never guess. You might not know who you'll end up with, or you'll spend forever searching. You don't know. We don't know.

All we know is to keep going on with our life. No matter how blind we are, we must going forward. There's no point of turning our back for something who had already past.

Letting go, also means giving the chance of something better to come in.

Maybe you'll meet your Mr Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice), or your Robbie Hart (from The Wedding Singer). It's fine if you haven't figured it out yet. It takes time to be completely whole with your self.

All we might do, is to keep learning and reading. For the universe always have things for us to see, if we remember to open the eyes and the mind for all possibilities.

Set the goal first. Imagine what kind of life you'd love to live. That's when universe can offer you chances that met your goal. Otherwise, you'll be like a young woman wandering around grocery shopping without a list. She takes everything to her cart, that she didn't need.

And that's my friend.. Is clutter.

There's no happiness grows in clutter.


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