The Jewish.. why are they so passionate about their work? Why are they excel in every field they're doing? 


It is pain, that unites people. If you realized, how Dutch armies has united this separated island into one fight under national flag. It is war, that we seek. As what Loki said in his first attempt to conquer Earth, this is what human beings naturally are, we're in desperate need of conquerer. Being enslaved as we used to. Freedom is just a lie, because nothing is really free in this world. 

Human's basic need is ego. Fulfilling the ego, is like drinking the ocean and still not enough. 

We are all separated. Categorized by labels, religion, skin color, nationality, not until the species from outter space are coming in that we'll unite as a team. Otherwise, we fight each other to prove who's the strongest. 

Isn't it?


World is in chaos. People are trying to fix it. 

I was once thinking that I could be part of them. Be a big guy, who do big significant thing in saving the Earth. Just like the guy from Blade Runner, who was thinking that he's special. He's wanted, desired, and he meant for something great. Before he knew the truth. 

Manipulated. We get so used to be manipulated. By tittle. By compliments. By insignificant words. It's what the devils good at. Whispering. 

So, stand up before we get to the trap a little deeper. 
Ask your self, will it be enough?
If yes, then stop. 

You won't find satisfaction in exceed number of achievement. There's always more to achieve. Forgetting that there is a kid in the house, who need our attention. Who need us to teach them about the world. About the real world. 

In the end, that's what we're all searching for. Generation. That's what all these fights are about. Generation. 

Living creatures are demanded to regenerate. To multiply their species, and invaded Earth as it is. When it comes to yours.. Will you do it for the sake of your faith?

And.. what is you believing at? For faith, is what make us as we are. Like an identity, but hidden at heart. The one that couldn't be destroyed, if it managed to survive generation after generation. The one that couldn't be killed even when the place has explode like a dying star. 


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