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5 Years Cycle

Yep. I have to do that because if you read this blog from the website, (I don't know why), the first lines are always missing. I always see my life year by year, each year I learned different lessons. I learn simple lessons in hard ways because I'm too stubborn to be taught softly. Life should teach me that hard, indeed.Looking back five years ago, I was as clueless as I am now. I had a job, of course, that was enough to feed me while I'm working on my graduation. As to fill the time, to distract my terrified mind about the unknown reality I was about to face, I watched movies a lot. I watched an unhealthy amount of films a day, talk shows, interviews, you name it. Until one day, the door was opened. Somebody texted me, offered me a job, I said yes, I left my boyfriend old job, and walked into a brand new life. Which.. I still livin until now. (by the way, grammarly is so annoying).My current life, my PRESENT life, is not much of a differen…
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The best banana cake in the world!

A cup of flour, a pinch of salt, maybe add some banana, or egg, or sugar, whatever, mix them altogether until they look pale, like a dead people pale. And bake them until they brown. But that’s not the best part yet, no no.
The best part is.. after I put them in the oven, I wash all my baking utensils, clean the kitchen, and get the washing-cleaning-things done! Langsung berasa tua akutu. Kalo dulu tiap bikin kue mungkin nunggu ramadan dulu itu mixer baru dicuci.

Days after long weekend, is the toughest

In my previous post, I said I have a serious plan for the long weekend and it involves mothery things: watching Garfield.And yep, I am now on Episode 57 (but Episode 52-54 are missing) and still laughing. The laziest cat with a very simple life goal who loves to torment the mailman and have a very deep love for bear doll named Pooky. He hates Nermal, has a love-hate relationship with Oddie, but always around when Oddie needs help. I love you, Garfield. Days after long weekend is the toughest, you know. It was started with three meetings on Monday (one online and two offline), and terrible news from home on Tuesday (may my uncle find his peaceful way to eternity), followed with a heavy headache on Wednesday, and no coffee Thursday which makes me sick like a very ill person (sicker than headache-sick). But.. Garfield helps, or so I guess.

The effect of watching Tom Holland's interview for 2 days straight.

If I have children, I wanna have four boys, because they'll be supportive and yet hating each other at the same time, and my first or second boy will be as snobby as Tom Holland or Chris Hemsworth but will be the glue to the family.I watched his interviews because I like to observe how confidence he is, being a young man between all these legends. Also, he made me realize how young 24 is..,

The outside world and I

The pandemic has turned me into a very calculated person. I need at least five reasons so that I could go out and see the world, I should at least, finished three tasks at one go if must I step outside the house. Well, I've been doing that for almost two years actually, but pandemic has doubled the effect.As for today, I walked out of the house just to send a package. Somebody stole my money yesterday so I couldn't use the pick-up service as they only required cash and my only cash was exactly on the right amount before some of it was missing. I managed to tick five plans on my list as I deliver the package into the counter. Even more, I could buy four peeled pineapples (wasn't that awesome) on my way home (and the driver was so kind he didn't mind stopping by).Outside world and I used to be a very best friend, but not anymore. People change, so I guess friendship too.

My very serious plan for long weekend.

I have planned a very serious thing to spend this very long weekend, and it involves mothery thing.You know.. some of us might think.. 'well I wanna be a mom', but some others -the optimist realist ones- will think 'well, I should prepare to be a mom' even before she knew who she'd be married to. Woman got to put their best confidence as their makeup, including this one.Motherhood is a scary thing because you never learn how to do it, you only can observe from experience and people around you, but there's never really a standard to that. People do things differently, even to wrap or not to wrap is a debate-discussion between moms. It will be easier if motherhood came with a checklist like those certification schemes we all knew. But it didn't (or maybe shouldn't).So I decided to do some preparation, as I am very optimistic that one day with God's willing, I will be a mom. Since I have way enough time to prepare, I couldn't let my child down to …

The cost of having something you really want to, but you don't need.

This lesson comes from the branded bags and shoes I bought a couple days ago. They were at a discount price, but still.. you know.. brand.. I was so happy when I saw them, happy when I made the payment, and happy to see the tracking progress as the first thing that I checked each day when I woke up. As they arrived.. I was so burst in excitement that I try so hard to calm my self. But then, I opened the wrap, the case, then the box.. and it suddenly appears, nothing as I expected. From that day on, I promise my self, to never again buy something branded online. It just didn't work that way. I don't get the same satisfaction as I had when buying them offline. I know it sounds old school, but believe me.. I online buy most of the things in this house including sugar, salt, and flip-flops.So a thought hit me.. This is exactly what you get when you get something you don't need. Because when you need something, you know what you want, you know exactly how to use them, and when…