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Salah kalau kamu pikir jatuh hati diam diam itu biasa saja. Karena sungguh itu menyiksa. Paling menyiksa ketika harus selalu bersama, berinteraksi setiap hari seolah tidak ada apa-apa. Dulu aku sanggup bersembunyi, dengan baik, dengan rapi. Kini mungkin kekuatanku kian tipis. Aku harus pergi.
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When I’m sad..

For no reason.. and suddenly I feel like praying.. and I burst into tears., for my pasts, for my sins, and I read the Quran, with normal voice. Until I recite this one ayah.. not knowing the meaning but suddenly I cried out loud, I cried while reciting the ayah.. and I look at the translation page right away.. to see what is the ayah about.
It was.. An Nahl-110.


Have you ever been lonely?If you do, hug it. Feel it, embrace it. You dont have to always deny it, because you dont always have to be fine. Its okay and its normal to feel lonely. As freeing as it is, living alone sucks. But this too shall pass. Allah Knows, and He Has a better plan for you.

Do you know what sucks?

When you dont know what is going on in your lifeWhen you had no idea what to do next, and what are you currently doing. When you feel like this long dark tunnel has no end. You dont see the light You hear nothing but your voice You had a darkest dream
And you started to wish that you just.. dead. Nothing seems to work. No movies, nor song, no flight ticket can help you get out from this tunnel. Because all you need is.. a hand to held you tight, pull you out, and hug you once you hit the ground.
You need those helping hand. You need to be told that everything is alright. That you’re doing just fine. But silence. You need to say the word., to the person you love the most. But your mouth shut whenever they’re around. Like.. all the wors you’ve prepared, gone with one poof.
I said all these.. Because of this weird feeling I’ve felt lately. It sucks and I dont like it. I did everything I can to dodge, Allah knows I did my best. At least.. Allah knows this struggle.. Allah knows and He’s doing somethi…

He Answers

All prayers must get answered.
If it's not the situation, if the answer isn't the thing that we asked for, then it'll come in a better form. And, if it doesn't, it'll come in form of change of heart. Either it's stronger, or stop wanting for it.
He Knows everything, He Sees everything, and He Hears everything.

He will not give us a trial without a stone to step on. Without the ability to overcome the trial. There is always some sort of unexpected power, coming to us, to help us get through the dark tunnel.
And like any other tunnel.. it'll end.