Allah is constantly talking to you

  Have you ever come across the experience where you were thinking of something, and that something happened? Or when you question something, the answer come to your head?  Today, I had a kind of difficult day with work which I never experienced before in this new place. I got here six months ago, and everything is all sunshine and glitter. Happy day, happy thought, happy faces are all my daily digest. Until today, when I suppose to regulate my emotion, and I was begging Allah for one thing I want the most, and yet the answer is no. I couldn't resist but to cry, and yet I managed to regain self control and move on. I asked Him, why. Why did He rejects the only wish I have for the past six months, and then a few hours later an old colleague of mine invites me to a birthday dinner. We used to celebrate our birthday together in a fancy and classy way, because she's way older, way richer than me, and she happened to call me when she's having difficulty at work. After those diff

My COVID Story

  22-02-2022 I got tested as COVID positive. The first time I had Covid since this virus went viral. It wasn't a good Tuesday, at least not for me. I constantly think about death, although I know so many people have recovered from it. I had the symptoms.. pretty badly.. that painful fever, body aching, I cry in my room, I move to the other room and cry in that room, wishing for death. I had sore throat, and hoarse voice. So.. yeah. I got covid. Days went by, and I learn to live with it. It's getting lighter, but what warms my heart is the attention I get from my surroundings. Friends keep sending me food, plenty of them.. frozen food, milk, chocolate, herbs, honey, oat biscuit.. everything I need is here because they're sending me. While writing this post.. which I'm pretty aware it's been a while since my last post.. I have an herb with honey. The herbs is from my bestfriend Hera, and the honey is from my bestfriend since high school, Ijal. I also had a cookie with

Three Miles a Day

  Morning air breezes as the warm sunlight touches my skin. I start to walk confidently in this empty street. Alone with my running shoes and a black tote bag filled with my wallet and book. I only know one place to go; beach. The same destination I have visited daily since the first day I arrived in this part of Bali. I never found a decent place to read, not as long as I walked this cobblestone path. But I keep carrying my book just in case, maybe one day I get lucky and find a nice shade with the sound of waves swirling back and forth.  I like this so much. I like the idea of me living in a vacation style for months. All I had to do is work from nine to six, Monday to Friday, and strolling to the beach in between my work schedule AND on the weekends. I never get tired of blue sky and sea. Those two are the reason why heaven is so tempting and kept me away from the things I desire; sins. Even though.. I'm not sure how long will I like it. I no longer that person who is anxious ab

Hygge: Enjoying Life's simple pleasure

  Menyederhanakan sesuatu bukan urusan sederhana, justru sebaliknya. Rumus matematika sederhana diperoleh dari proses berpikir yang teramat rumit, dan bukan dari proses berpikir orang yang nonton tiktok empat jam sehari (red; saya). Proses penyederhanaan apapun selalu harus melalui jalan paling rumit, sulit, yang sering kali bikin menyerah di tengah jalan. Hygge adalah sebuah kata dari Bahasa Denmark, kata yang tidak sengaja saya temukan dan saya suka sekali. Waktu saya tahu ini adalah Bahasa Denmark saya makin suka lagi. Sejak lima tahun lalu saya memang terobsesi dengan kultur Danish (terlebih sejak nemenin rekan yang pernah mampir ke Bogor dan saya temani kemana-mana waktu itu. Sekarang dia sudah punya anak satu, masih bayi pula.. terharu banget betapa cepat waktu berlalu..) eh malah nostalgia. Hygge adalah sebuah cara menikmati hidup dari hal-hal sederhana yang kita temui sehari-hari; keberadaan keluarga, teman, tubuh yang sehat, tempat tinggal yang nyaman,. prinsip hidup yang menj


  Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you prefer Sunrise or Sunset? Beach or forest? Why are you here?  *** Hal pertama yang paling penting untuk ditanyakan sebelum memilih untuk tinggal di Bali adalah Why . Kenapa? Kenapa mau tinggal di Bali? Apa masih ada pilihan lain selain di Bali? Kalau masih ada, kenapa Bali? Karena ikut-ikutan saja? Fomo ? Karena mumpung murah? Apa? Ini penting karena niat adalah landasan dari segala perbuatan #amin. Pondasi ini harus kuat, karena kalau tidak kita akan gampang goyah di tengah jalan. Bali tidak seindah video vlog youtuber kaya cuy. Kalau sekarang, memang ada banyak alasan kenapa kita harus ikut mencicipi rasanya tinggal di sini, salah satunya ya karena mumpung harganya lagi murah, atau juga untuk mendukung program pemerintah dalam memulihkan perekonomian negara. #akusayangpemerintah #akusayangSandiagaUno. Kamu harus punya alasan mu sendiri dan itu haruslah kuat. Soal tujuan boleh fleksibel, mengikuti arah angin dan arus ombak. Asalkan ala

90 Days of Re-Rooting

  In order to determine where to live for the next month, I need to breakdown my purpose on why I came to Bali in the first place. This is what I called: re-rooting. I wanna be flexible in where I'm going, as long as my root is deep enough to keep me safe. And I have to write this whole thing down, so I could remember this struggle one day when I'm having a hard time in decision making (again). I see this phase as a 90 days of trial. A bookmark for new beginning, and I have to reinvent my self in order to jump to another stage of life --whatever it might be. Therefore, in this 90 days, I have to live in a new city. As a greedy person --who claimed to be a minimalist-- I don't wanna spend this 90 precious days of mine settling down in just one place. But I also don't wanna have any regret and live in a some weird place with crowded strangers passing through my door. I'm being very picky when it comes to my comfort level. First and foremost, I came to Bali to experien

Between Sunrise and Sunset

  I love both Sunrise AND Sunset. I love the Sun, in fact, I LOVE everything the Sky has to offer. The moon.. the stars.. the planets.. the kites.. yep, even the kites. Now I have to make another decision, because I like to complicate my life, that's all. Whether to stay or to move. If stay, my current place is actually located near where the Sunset is. But I never visited, except for a few times, dan itupun yang jauh dan bukan deket kost sini. If I move, I could have a place near the Sunrise, even if I have to walk around 15 minutes or so.. I don't know how to make this decision, so I went home, order a bubble tea mix with red beans, grass jelly and everything, watch Netflix. WHY bother with places near beaches if all I wanna do is lay on my bed all day and watch Netflix.. -_- I mean.. maybe I'll choose to move. Sunrise is a better thing to chase. I barely have time for Sunset, my work schedule is now mostly crowded in the afternoon due to time-zone differences. If one day