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I wish this is my last try

 I have a long list of reasons why I should leave you, but I didn't. I beg myself, please let this be your last try, and yet I keep trying again and again.  For the apologies I never received, for all the wishes of it to be sweet again like in the beginning.. You used to call me princess, and I used to believe that.  You throw all my dignity away, I throw my ego for the sake of making things work. I want to make things work. For once I want something last and not to throw it once it gets hard.  But you keep threatening me of leaving and I keep making a way for you to stay. I want to let you go now, but I want you to know the damage you have caused me. I want you to know how hurt it is to stay for you. It is selfish for broken people to spread away their brokenness.. you found me as a happy girl on instagram,  only to be left as a woman who deactivate her account.  I wish I could die right now. I wish I could die and never met you anymore. You hurt me.