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Something about love,

  I am still learning and unlearning these patterns about love. It was only yesterday I live a zero romance kind of life, and the next thing I knew I already dated someone from Morocco and Turkey. They happened so fast, without me ever asking nor expecting. Now I know how it feels to be swept off of my feet, to be greeted with a bouquet of red roses and romantic card, to be picked up with a nice clean car in a strange city I just visited, and to be treated like I was the only woman in his world. At least I learn something from those past mistakes; if a guy wants you, they will do ANYTHING to make you happy.  But then I learned.. what's next? What will happen after they get what they want from you? Today, amidst the news from those celebrities about cheating husbands, got me thinking that there is no such thing as pure love. Yes, they are in love. Yes, they love their wives. But that doesn't prevent them from tasting another flavour. We are not here to judge whether that's w