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Unsend messages to my ex

  Monday, May 27th 2024, 17.45 I got caught in the rain while riding my motorbike today, and I used our raincoat.. the green one., it was yours, right? Tuesday, May 28th 2024, 11.45 It's finally over for real, I didn't hear or see any of your trace since Saturday. But I am worried.. are you okay? How is your eyes, are they still get tired often? Do you have your cream? I want to ask, but no point. Your answer will be 'I am good, Alhamdulillah' while scratching your skin till its bleeding. I take this back to my prayer. I hope Allah protect you, wherever you are.

Healing Journal, Day 1

  Imagine someone whom you told that the reason why you don't want relationship is because people always left, and why he asked why they left, you gave him the answer and he laughed at it and you explained to him why it matters to you, including a glimpse of your trauma and triggers, and in the end, he left you for the same reason. I intend to write down my journey of healing from this heart break, because of all the heart break that I have been through, this is the most traumatic one. *** He walked into my life when I have made a promise to myself to not again entertaining a temporary guy. I know what I want, I know who I am, and that was exactly what I told him as a disclaimer. He asked me why my past relationships ended, and I gave him the answer thinking that he might want to learn not to make that mistake. Long story short, he did the same mistake, twice as bad because he tried to change me at first, and no matter how hard I tried to adjust him with his rules, I keep on failin