How to Stay Motivated in January


December is overrated. It's January that we should worry about. It's like Monday, but A MONTH! The only thing that kept me excited is because I'm waiting for January 15, for the WandaVision show. I love everything about them since the trailer.. the music, the colours (oh especially the colour), the costumes, nothing beats vintage vibe with Marvel's sense of humour.

Says the girl who just brew herself a very sugary milk-tea after work (and by work, I mean the meetings that are just.. Talking! Eugh I hate meeting! I used to love it soo much, I build a life around it. And now I feel like I'm done).. (no kidding.. I still need that money for my babies).

Also, the weather kinda annoying lately, barely no Sun since a week ago, cloudy for three days in a row.. please. Don't be so romantic. I'm single. -_-. weather. -_-


Here's what you can do (maybe) to stay motivated in January, minimalistically speaking. Because, in a minimalist way, you don't have to spend any penny (or maybe a little if you want), and don't have to talk with anyone if you don't want to.

1. Take a Shower.

You know what, I'm a conservative too. I conserve and preserve water like they are part of my soul, part of my body. I love them, that Water International Day is the same as my Birthday. So, I wouldn't recommend this if this isn't too helpful. Yep, shower helps. Shower yourself daily (I tried once in two days, and really makes me look homeless). Usually, after shower, you'll have to find something to cover your body, right? And that's how you realised.. you ran out of clean clothes. So maybe you'll get some extra motivation to do extra things; put those effing laundry in the washing machine and press the button!

2. Change the chair sheet.

Change that sheet you put to covered your chair because it's been like.. what.. a hundred years? Yeah, I can tell from the smell. Change that now! But if the reason you wouldn't change that is because the new ones are full of laundry perfume, then I get it. Smelling something that reminds you of another person is hard. It's okay. You'll get used to it. Use that perfume you never wear since three years ago. Put that on every sheet you have that's coming out of the laundry. The perfume will thank you because they finally be functional, and not just sit there on your shelves like a dumb.

3. Have something to eat

Alrite, I know. This one's tricky if you don't really like to eat. But you should. And maybe now, you can't stop. Just let it. The reason I'm writing this is because I'm waiting for the beep from that Italian Calzone (half cut) and a slice of pizza getting warmed-up in the kitchen. Eat. You'll feel better.

4. Admit that you can't stay motivated FOREVER.

It's okay to feeling less motivated. You'll be fine. Take a day or two. I took a week. It's okay, don't be too hard to yourself. Relax, live life for the now, and let the universe works their mysterious way.

5. I don't know what to do with you.

Just.. stay alive, okay? Don't kill yourself. Yet. 

Maybe you'll have something that the world can use. Like.. your carbon dioxyde flowing out from your body.. they're beneficial for the plants. The plants need that.


Last time I'm feeling this way, was a halfway through 2020. It was July, and I have no clue. And then I joined an online event, finally finding something that I can use, I even invite the guy to work together and it feels like I have a new sets of direction. 

For like.. three months.

Now I've tried to join a class, two, actually. One that I buy with my own money from my own pocket (I'm more of a spoil daughter who never pay anything educative for my self and just waiting for somebody to pay it for me).

Nope. No effect. No new set of direction or whatsoever.

January is scary, okay. Like.. what am I doing next? Should I apply to that school? Should I just give up? Or should I watch the entire season in one night (oh hell yeah, this one I do). 

I mean..

It's okay, people.

Take your time. Be slow if you need to be slow.

Stay safe


Bogor, January 6 2021

I'm the kind of girl, who put pink himalayan salt in my instant milk-tea with extra brown sugar. And boy i tell you what.. it tastes.. extremely, good. I'm so smart in brewing things. I should get an award for that.


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