Decluttering Day 6: Outfit and Playlist


Eventhough Marie Kondo said that in this process, you shouldn't be hearing anything such music. Not even podcast. You can put a relaxing-un-vocal natural ambience like waterfall, or ocean, but nothing with human voice in it. Because you need to focus. You need to be able to hear yourself clearly and loudly. This is between you and yourself, to decide whether or not you will keep the stuff.

As for me.. well.. my decluttering process is more of mine that Marie Kondo's. So I kinda mix it together between decluttering in cleaning. 

I will take out all of my stuff from it's place, and then, I will clean the empty boxes before I start to discarding. And during this process -taking out the items and cleaning the spaces- I always have some music or podcasts or religious lectures with me. (And I found a gem; Music Travel Love, a cover duet of a brother, in places like nature and city.. their voice is amazing, their shot is brilliant, and their music.. man.. I love everything about it so I kinda play it over and over again for the past three days). If it's not them, or Nouman Ali Khan, or Aa Gym, I like to put these; in the morning, after Isya

Those are the only thing that I listen to, while talking to myself a lot.

It was only yesterday I finish re-read the book. And I just got to the part where Marie Kondo said that she loves to dress up during tidying. Because she believes that this is a celebration, a special send-off for those things that will be departing from the house. I, too, did the same since my first day. But not because I remember this part (70% of this book seems new to me because I completely forgotten most of them), but because I like to do it. I like to dress up to a special occasion, and I believe this too a special occasion.

But the thing is, my special dress-up usually involves a short pants or sleeveless dress. Which is so not clutter friendly. On my first day, I feel like my body is absorbing the dust. Itchy to the bones. I sneeze, and I covered my skin with dusts and droplet. Gross. 

So on the second day forward, I only wear long sleeves and a proper sweat pants. Not so charming, but at least they're matching colour.

Only today I tried to do it differently. 

I'm not fond of loungewear, okay. Even though I don't despise it either. I just don't like putting it on me, because it made me feel like a grumpy housewife. But I do have one.. but this is more of a long dress rather than loungewear. My mom gave it to me, because she had to buy it from a friend who sell it to her. Mom didn't like it, so there when first daughter came in handy; we accept everything.

So I put the dress on, and I kinda like the feeling of it. It's practical, and I don't have to rush into changing my clothes when I need to walk to the nearest groceries to buy some fruit for my baby juices. 

Therefore, I'd like to suggest you guys to put only proper dress during this process. Long sleeves if you must. I know it's gonna be hot and sweaty, but trust me, you need that sweat. How long have you stopped going to the gym?


I returned everyone home by 22.00 and start writing this thirty minutes after the last drawer has been put accordingly. I realized that this is far from perfect, I still have way too many items I cannot discard, just yet.

I have clean all the dishes, even sanitized juice bottles, and now is the time tuk nyapu ngepel.. which I don't like. So I kinda procrastinate it by writing this post.

Speaking of procrastination, I call myself a queen of procrastinating. I re-folded the plastic bags (which already folded neatly), and move it from a shoe box to this heart-shaped box. Just so I don't have to decide which supplies I should get rid of, because none of them spark joy, but I will need them one day. Like a shrimp cracker, silky pudding, whip cream, everything that require cooking or baking.

I am so good at procrastinating, I should get an award for this. Or simply a tutorial on how to do guilt-free procrastination.

Anyway, the effect of tidying-up has already began. I was out to the store this afternoon, came home with a bunch of fruits in my shopping bag. And even if my house still filled with clutter, I managed to put it all neatly in the fridge, take my purse and wallet out of the bag, fold the bag, and return everything in their place. Purse and wallet in one drawer, and folded bag in the other. 

I mean..

I used to be the kind of girl who would only store things that need to be refrigerated, and let the rest lie down for a couple of days.. or week if I may. Everyone who knows me never shocked with this habit. They know how my room was, back in college, so.. yeah.. maybe this version of me will surprise them even more.

I'll keep you posted if there is any changes that follow up this journey.

Sebetulnya salah satunya adalah kebiasaan baca buku malam hari yang drastis sekali. Biasanya kalau malam saya hanya baca buku digital. Karena terlalu sulit kalau harus bangun lagi untuk matiin lampu. Bukan karena malas, tapi lebih karena.. kalau saya sudah naik ke kasur, itu semua sudah bersih sampai ke kaki. Sudah pakai body butter juga, di telapak kaki. Kalau dipakai injak ke lantai, walau lantainya bersih tetap saja ada parno debu halus yang ikut nempel. Pun body butter bikin lantai jadi licin ga enak gitu.

Saya punya lampu standing. Bentuknya ada dua, yang satu menengadah ke atas kayak lagi berdoa ngedoain gue cepet nikah dan satu lagi yang lebih bisa digerakkin ke sana kemari, khusus untuk baca. Tapi.. posisi mereka ini juga saya letakkan agak jauh dari jangkauan. Karenanya, untuk matiin lampu baca, saya tetap harus turun dari kasur. Dan karena lampu baca itu jauh, jadi cahayanya juga agak ketutup dan berbayang, pokoknya tidak nyaman.

Pernah saya berpikir untuk beli sebuah kursi malas, dipasang di sudut khusus supaya lampu ini bisa berguna untuk baca buku. Tapi setelah scrolling berhari-hari, tidak ada kursi malas yang memikat hati. I really need the click to but this kind of things, dan ga ada satupun yang berbunyi klik jadi saya batalkan niat itu.

Barulah sekarang ini.. setelah proses decluttering dan tidying-up.. saya baru menemukan sebuah ide paling brillian yang pernah terlintas. Rasa-rasanya, jika ide ini saya lontarkan di konvensi PBB, saya akan dapat standing applause.

Saya.. menggeser lampu tidur ini, ke samping kasur persis, setiap sebelum tidur. Sebelum proses skincare, karena selama skincare tangan ini tidak akan menyentuh apa-apa selain botol-botol itu, dengan posisi kabel yang sedemikian rupa sehingga aman jika bangun nanti. Dengan begitu, saya bisa baca buku malam hari, tanpa harus turun ke kasur untuk matikan lampu, karena switch buttonnya menjulur dan tergapai.

I always knew my mind is my best feature.


Enam hari, dan semua barang-barang yang saya punya sudah tersortir dengan baik. Mudah-mudahan bisa bertahan lumayan lama, lebih lama dari empat tahun seperti kemarin. Saya masih ajukan cuti baru lagi untuk besok, sekedar untuk menyelesaikan proses internal journey ini.

Jadi setelah ini.. apalagi yang di declutter?

Crap.. expense report belom kelar.. presentasi juga, udah seminggu lagi, proses fasilitasi juga belum difinalin.. konten.. my God belum bikin konten.. daftar peserta juga belum diberesin, admin yang mau dihire juga belum dikasih penugasan.. annual planning, budget.., crap crap..

Alright. Basically, the next thing to declutter is this work-balance !


Bogor, 17 January 2021

When you're life is a mess, try tidying your house. Decluttering process will give you new perspective, as the cluttered spot is now visible to the eyes, you suddenly open your mind to another possibility that you've never been exposed before. This is true. Trust me. 

Or you shouldn't. It's okay. 

Lagian gue masih punya setrikaan sebentuk Sindoro-Sumbing menanti.


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