Decluttering Season!!


After I put on my pajamas and finish my night ritual, I started to think that this.. is my comfort zone. If someone suddenly told me to leave my comfort zone in the name of brand new life, yeah.. get off! I ain't leavin anywhere. Because to me now, the only thing that I need to leave is an old pattern. And the only way to leave an old pattern is by recognizing it and break it with full power.

I have invited a bunch of people to declutter their house today. Most of the women around the block are following my lead and get excited about it. The energy is abundant, that I have to take a quick nap from being too excited. My morning started good, and my night.. even better. 

I just clean up the house. Ironing is always the first step to do when I'm into house cleaning, and I am so happy that the ironing aid that I bought randomly a few weeks ago, turns out to have the best scent I've ever had --for a softener--. The brand name is weird; yoa, like a snake but with y; boa, lol. It has some kind of flowery-but not too much flower-scent, which resembles a spa-massage vibe. So I ironed my pajamas I'm about to wear tonite with a bunch of yoa, sampe asapnya ngepul kayak mang capcay numpahin air ke atas tumisan bumbu.

Now I decided to revisit the old book of mine; the life-changing magic of tidying up.  I will finish it tonight, as I did four years ago. 

Ternyata, baca buku itu kalau terlalu bersemangat dan habis dalam semalam, langsung lupa nya juga nyata. Waktu saya mulai baca lagi, rasanya seperti baru. Empat tahun yang lalu buku ini saya beli waktu mau berangkat ke Sekadau, perjalanan luar biasa jauh ditambah lagi ada pohon tumbang. Jadi buku ini bisa saya selesaikan nyaris dalam sehari; selama perjalanan, dan besok malamnya, karena di Sekadau sama sekali tidak ada sinyal. Tapi jadinya banyak hal yang saya lupakan, termasuk prinsip bahwa, decluttering itu sejatinya bukan untuk terus menerus kita declutter. Tapi untuk mencegah rebound, supaya setelahnya, kita tidak mengulangi lagi kebiasaan lama itu.

I need this now. Walking toward a new life requires a new set of mind and habit, and I've been drown in too much mundane thing, with work and now baby business, I forgot what it is to be a decent minimalist. I have clutter everywhere. Even if I managed to keep some empty spaces, and my inner soul are already familiar with the emptyness that they refuse to have too much stuff to keep things empty, I still have to discard so many things from the house.

I'll start tomorrow, because I have took a four days leave. Pamanukan mulai banjir, jadi Eyang sekarang sudah direscue ke Bekasi. Walaupun banjirnya masih tipis-tipis, tetap saja mencegah lebih baik daripada nanti harus rescue Eyang pakai perahu karet kayak yang sudah-sudah. 

How do we declutter town?


Four days leave, and I will use some of it to thoroughly declutter, re-organizing, and start a new life. This is gonna need a plan, a very serious plan. You have to do some planning if you really wanna be a new person (again). I suggest you do pen and paper, even though mobile devices will do as well, but pen and paper (or better; drawing book), will do more to you. 

I always draw the map to everything. I draw my mind map to the juices, to the novels I wanna write, to the stories I wanna put in, and now, I will do it to the clutter I wanna discard.

You should begin from the easiest part to discard; clothing. Then move forward to books, then kitchen, then fridge, and to sentimental area which contains memories. To me, it's like a restart because I've done this before and I have to redo the process.

But planning isn't enough, you need a strong and unbreakable willpower to do so. A willpower that shouldn't be based on other people but you. This is should be between you and your Master. You can't do it just so people look up to you and label you as a true minimalist (ew, that's disgusting). 

The will should involve Your Master, in it. Allah should be the one you're trying to impress, and it will be easier if you've already found a place to donate your discarded items. Allah has been soo kind to me, that He showed me first hand to this instagram called; sedekahbarangberkualitas, and now I'm directing everyone who are following my steps, to donate to them. 

Decluttering should bring you closer to yourself, and to your Master. As you will make more space, and you will see that nothing here is permanent but Him. So you will never again put your motivation, or your business destination, to someone else. Everything you do in this dunya, should be between you and Him. Declutter, is just one of them.


Maybe I will post some of my clutter later, things that I find, things that I keep, and the process behind it. Or maybe I won't. I realised that the first posts in this blog was my decluttering story, that I promise to tell what happened after it, and only four years later I write about decluttering again.

This is funny, how my digital clutter is everywhere, I bet if there's a guy who try to background check me, he's back off already because it's way too much and too embarrassing to bear. Lol. 

Tadinya mau kuberesin juga digital clutter itu, but.. well.. one step at a time. I have so many things to do in my head, for every responsibility that I carry. So maybe, if decluttering my digital mess just so people will start to fall in love with me because I'm so clean.. well.. no thanks. I'm not that person anymore, so whatever happened in the past, nothing I can change it. I don't know what google have about me, maybe I'll search some of it if I remember. But all I know is, I will or maybe I won't get rid of those clutter, but I'm proud of myself. Those scars are what brought me here, shaped me into the person that I am now. 


Bogor, 11 January 2021

Finally, a lap around the Sun since the day I did that embarrassing thing. I took Dan (my Funko Pop, the character from Gossip Girl) to Raijua, terombang-ambing sampe pingin tenggelam saking malunya, and we had the roughest two hours of our life in that boat. From that moment forward, this heart of mine is closed forever, to the temporary people. The wall built was higher and thicker, and only when it went off, I will decided to fall in love again. Never let yourself get attach to anything, not stuff, not people, not habbit, nothing. That's the only thing you need to bear in mind as a minimalist.


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