Bandara bagi saya adalah gerbang. Kita keluar dari pintu satu kota, untuk masuk ke dalam pintu kota lain. Begitu seterusnya. Sejak sebelas tahun lalu saya 'meninggalkan' rumah dan hidup berpindah, bandara pun menjadi bagian dari 'rumah' bagi saya.

Lengkapnya emosi yang ditawarkan, membuat saya senang 'melamun' disana. Terlebih, dengan seringnya saya bepergian, most of the time I was traveled alone, melamun menjadi hiburan dan ajang berduaan ~ dengan diri sendiri.

Tidak banyak teman bicara yang dapat saya temui di bandara. Pun saya tidak begitu menyukai small talk dengan stranger.


I think its healthy to spend time alone. To evaluate our life, and re-decide the path. Why?

Because life is a constant change of plan.

Is this what we want? Is this what we truly want? Is this the life we chose?

And to me.. watching all these people come and go, hug with cry and laugh, nervous, excited, in rush, is the best time to contemplate.

A young business man ~ or an executive of a private company was once sit next to me in a waiting room. I was reading the book about economic hitman when he asked what book is that. I answered him politely, and keep reading. I can say he's only two or three years older than me. Then he started a conversation, so I close my book.. And listening to him.

He had a cool job, and he believes in astrology. We talked about his zodiac for a second, before his flight was opened. We say goodbye and thank to each other for having a good conversation.

I forgot his name.

I like how Airport can turn me into somebody am not. Because I told him my name ~ but its not my name ~ and I said I am a journalist! Ha. I go to remote area to cover them into magazine. I didn't tell him what magazine it was. And he buy my story.

I know its not honest, and its not good for me to do that. But its fun. And above anything in the world, our happiness should be the first priority.


There are hundred of people we've known that will never go back to our life again. Because we're different now. And so they are.

That's what Airport has taught me. About changes. Inevitable moment in life: changes.

People change, the world change, we couldn't be the same person as we are today.


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