Something to Look Forward to

 My life was is great. 

At least when I was in my early to mid twenties. Although, at the same time, I was experiencing the first and the biggest heart break of my life, because I broke up with my fiance. We were together for five years and a half, and in the middle of planning a wedding. I was devastated, but not too much. Because during those years, I always have something to look forward to. 

I spent the first year of my career exploring Kalimantan and Sumatera. I visited over a hundred villages in remote area. Even those which are not covered by common transportation, and requires all kind of transportation: air, ground, and water. 

Life was a constant planning of one field visit to another, or one event after another. I am planning my day to day basis to those goals only. 

“Oh I have field visit to North Kalimantan next week, so starting today, my life is heading to that week. I prepare my house to be left alone for a week or two because of that visit…” and so on so forth.

I didn’t have time to process my heart break because I was busy. One flight after another, before I know it five years have gone by and I was in a dilema to leave my job and already planning for looking to another job.

Then the job hunt began, and my goal was shifted to starting a new life in a new company.

Cut to..

Now. Where everything is smooth and safe. The wind is not too crazy but enough to bring me to a new direction. 

But it’s not as exciting anymore. Maybe because this new direction is somewhat need a long time to reach. Or maybe because this new direction is still foggy and I don’t know what’s waiting for me there. 

But hey, life needs to be excited. Excitement is not something you can’t create! We can make a little goal, day by day, week by week, something to look forward to. The goal could coloured your day, little by little, it is not black and white anymore. 

Find that joy inside of you. Create that spark, from within yourself. You still have a whole wide world to explore. Why stop now just because the destination is still far ahead? Make a little stop, and see what you’ll have :)


Bogor, 10 October 2023

A surprisingly happy Tuesday. 


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