Three Miles a Day


Morning air breezes as the warm sunlight touches my skin. I start to walk confidently in this empty street. Alone with my running shoes and a black tote bag filled with my wallet and book. I only know one place to go; beach. The same destination I have visited daily since the first day I arrived in this part of Bali.

I never found a decent place to read, not as long as I walked this cobblestone path. But I keep carrying my book just in case, maybe one day I get lucky and find a nice shade with the sound of waves swirling back and forth. 

I like this so much. I like the idea of me living in a vacation style for months. All I had to do is work from nine to six, Monday to Friday, and strolling to the beach in between my work schedule AND on the weekends. I never get tired of blue sky and sea. Those two are the reason why heaven is so tempting and kept me away from the things I desire; sins.

Even though.. I'm not sure how long will I like it. I no longer that person who is anxious about the future. Who value my time way too much to the point where having fun or doing nothing is some kind of guilt. I'm not that person anymore. All I know now is that I like it here, I like living near a peace and quiet bookstore, near the beaches I could visit everyday, near the places that sell all my favorite foods. I like walking three miles a day, even if it gave me sweat and sunburn (and a weird gaze from some people on the street who probably don't used to seeing a woman in hijab walking alone). All I know now is, I like it all. So as for me liking it.. doesn't matter how long I will stay. I have trained my self to enjoy and celebrate every second of my life because I know time won't flow in reverse. It happens now, and I like it. And as long as I like.. I will always choose it. 



Sunday, October 31 2021


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