Between Sunrise and Sunset


I love both Sunrise AND Sunset. I love the Sun, in fact, I LOVE everything the Sky has to offer. The moon.. the stars.. the planets.. the kites.. yep, even the kites. Now I have to make another decision, because I like to complicate my life, that's all. Whether to stay or to move. If stay, my current place is actually located near where the Sunset is. But I never visited, except for a few times, dan itupun yang jauh dan bukan deket kost sini. If I move, I could have a place near the Sunrise, even if I have to walk around 15 minutes or so.. I don't know how to make this decision, so I went home, order a bubble tea mix with red beans, grass jelly and everything, watch Netflix. WHY bother with places near beaches if all I wanna do is lay on my bed all day and watch Netflix.. -_-

I mean.. maybe I'll choose to move. Sunrise is a better thing to chase. I barely have time for Sunset, my work schedule is now mostly crowded in the afternoon due to time-zone differences. If one day I need to watch the Sun sets, I could just drive around to one of those beaches..

Maybe I should get a car.. and live in my car instead. Should I just sell the house and turn it into a van? Oh waw.. I could be that woman.. A woman who live alone in her van, travel to places she likes to visit.. that sounds cool.. but also weird and lonely. (I'm turning thirty next year.. so.. >.<)

I really don't know how to make decision about life anymore. I just have to let it sink in, and see how I feel. But between Sunrise and Sunset, all I know is.. God's creation is.. at the end of the day.. the most comforting thing in this life. It is free yet expensive. 


Bali, 9 October 2021

After walk 2,9 km around three beaches from my so-called 'future place'

(And oh my God.. how I'd LOVE to have a road trip around Bali.. all the way to Banyuwangi, visit Baluran as I always dreamt of since Wildest Dream first aired........)


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