One call away


Do you ever have the time in your life, when you sit in silence in your room or your house, looking around all the stuff you have bought, all the experiences, opportunities that have brought you to where you are now.. and thinking.. where is this all coming from? 

You see, sometimes.. or in my case, it's most of the time, those amazing things that happened, are all coming from just one call. Basically one call, and your whole life change. To some people, maybe it's the job offer, or the collaboration offer, or other new kinds of offer. And those offers, are the ones that we've been waiting for so long.. we've been dreaming of and hold closely in our heart and it eventually came true.

Looking back to where I was five years ago, things would be very different. Ten years ago, I would never imagine that I can be so 'domesticated', staying at home, bake cookies, brew juices, live in an organized way of living, and all the things that I thought was bullshit enough to be true.

If you see your life in summary, and it makes your jaw drop, then you probably will realised that almost all those events that led us to the most amazing journey, are unplanned. Not in an impulsive way, but more of the unexpected way. We do plan it somehow, by wishing things to be in certain ways, but we didn't plan how it's actually gonna come out.

This is where we, humans, should think of the awesomeness of faith. So many people are devoted into their religion, but not holding it close enough to their subconscious mind that they worry way too much about things that's impossible to control. The doors that you've been waiting, or longing, are not yours to open. There's The Greater Power beyond our human's capability in expecting, creating or planning things in this galaxy. The Greatest, even. I'm a muslim, and therefore the Greatness of Allah is undeniable to me. All these times, with all these journeys and unexpected adventures or a numerous amount of chances.. is as if He would say 'so you still don't believe in Me? you still don't trust Me?!'. 

And for that.. I am terrified.

So, my dear friends.. if there is something that bothering you right now, things that you wish you could have, bills that need to be paid, or even love that you always wish to have.. all I can say to you is, you're just one call away from a totally different life. When it's open, it's open. There's no way of turning back. But it's not your job to open it. He will open it, when you're ready. When your level is aligned with His standard. All you need to do, for that doors to open is to find out what is your standard according to Him. By that, I mean, you should know Him first, right? 

It is not your effort that will bring you success in life. It's His blessing to you because He sees you working so hard, wanting it so bad, and you deserve it. If He thinks you deserve better, He will make you work even harder, and try even better before He grants you the most amazing present you've ever wanted. It's not you, it's Him. It's always Him. But you have to make a serious effort to show Him what you deserve. 

I always believe that our mind and energy are not working alone in this world. They're intertwined with one another, from human, to stars, and galaxy. All the rhythms in the universe are synchronized into a harmony, in which leading us to the unity; Him. The connection between the mind, the soul, and the events in the universe is real.. it is real in a way that logic can hardly understand. When you have faith on something, it will eventually came to you. That's just one sign of when the connection is in sync.

Maybe you can't see it right now, and things are so difficult to bear like there is no escape and you're stuck. But all you need is just one call.. or one text.. or one question, and your life change forever. You just have to prepare yourself for that one moment, focusing your mind to it will lit up the new energy. That's the energy that will invites new opportunities that you're looking for.


Bogor, 08 April 2021

Been watching an unhealthy amount of Sebastian Stan interviews these days and I (again) realised that I always have a soft spot for this kind of guys; shy, nerdy, and awkward, but not insecure. I feel like I'm ready to bake cookies, put it in a jar, wrap it all neat and nicely, and write a note that says 'I bake this for you, have a happy busy day! Love, HSL'. Yeah, because those kind of guy usually the ones that focus on their own growth, instead of cursing things on twitter (like i did). (Or worse; pamer harta di twitter, nyebut2 gaji tunjangan whatever just to impress what.. who.. me? lol). God my love life is so puzzling. Even Sebastian Stan said this too.


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