Freshly Baked Cookie, is the Remedy for the Soul

The house smells great when I bake. 
Do you know what is a great thing about baking? 
It is the best distraction for the soul.

I haven't been well for a while, but tonight.. after two days in a row going to the office, I chose to bake some cookies once I got home. Baking only took me an hour, but it needs three hours to prepare and another hour to cleaning the mess. 

I feel better after I tasted them. My cookies taught me to never judge anything by their appearance. Because they might be not so pretty, but they taste really good (at least to me). Also, they smell great.. kinda give me a glimpse of illusion of how one day I will be a mum, and this is the smell that my children long for. 


This isn't me. 
This is the PMS-Me. I know I'll wake up tomorrow, with blood in my undies, and say.. 'alright. there she is.'

Bogor, 22 April 2021
I hope, whoever end up with me, wouldn't mind me trying out new recipes, and willing to eat my ugly cookies or cookings. They might be ugly, but they have beauty inside. And that's what really matter. #menghiburdiri


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