Good Day vs Bad Day: A Minimalist's perspective


There will be sunshine after rain,

One day you're happy, the other days you're sad.. and then there is.. work.

Work is always there for you.

Work is the one for you.

Work is your soul, your DNA, your blessing in disguise. The tropical splash to your winter.


Don't worry because nothing really matter, said The Bohemian Queen.

A minimalist wouldn't worry about tiny little things, because they're believe in the essentials.

Their vision, their goals, things that they want to accomplish before they die, and how they leave a legacy.

Minimalist believes in meaning, what values their time, and how to mindfully spend every second. Therefore, a Minimalist wouldn't care if they're rich or they're broke because they have what they have, they pursue what they pursue, but their heart is beyond things that they're chasing.


The rain will gone, Sunshine will come. A minimalist would enjoy every second, for they know everything always have an end.


Bogor, 25 Februari 2021

Catch a falling star, and put it in your pocket. Save it for the rainy days.


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