What to do if your slow juicer is stuck


As a minimalist living on my own, I often found my self in a difficult situation like this afternoon. My slow juicer was stuck and I couldn't remove the cap. So this is what I learn from today's struggle:

First, no matter how enthusiastic you are to slow juicing, don't put the slow juicer on hold. She's not like the guys on the phone calling you back and forth without you ever answer. This will harden the cap, and it will be impossible to remove. I tried everything includes crying until I almost give up.

Second, if it happens, even without you left the juicer for a while after juicing --usually this situation also applied if you juice something too hard or too fibrous like lemongrass and spinach-- maybe you need to take these steps;

Remove the cap, take it to the sink, and pour warm water into it. Not too hot you don't want to melt the rubber cleaner, just warm. 

Left it for a while, cry yourself out, swear if you must, but don't forget to apologize to God to whatever sins you've made lately.

Then try again. Use your full power to remove the cap, and if it still didn't work, then maybe you'll need to take out all fibers as you can by adding some more water until it flooded. 

The last step is, dry the body out, make sure everything is close just like your heart and put it back to the machine. Try run the 'reverse' button this time. 

After that, I guarantee you're good to go. Remove it and wash immediately. 


Juicing is a process of extraction, where you separate fibers from the water. The enzymes that are needed by the body will be flown into your cup, and ready to digest. This process is fun until you have them stuck. 

Yeah, universe always have a funny way to keep your emotion in balance, as if to say 'don't get too much fun, babe. You'll lose yourself'.


Bogor, December 22 2020

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