Minimalism as Principle

Never let a day pass without happiness. Wasted days are the days we survived with clouds.

Be the reason someone smile today. Be the one who shed some clouds out of the blue. Make at least one person happy by saying or giving.

If you believe in communication, then you must believe that universe communicate with us. Through some vibration, as in physic also translated as: String Theory.

Life is about exchanging energy. And energy is a material which cannot dissolved. It is eternal in its number, the number we give equals with the number of energy we receive.

And if we want to be happy, first we must decide to be happy. When we can't help but sad, start to make another person happy. Its not hard. And never be expensive. It doesn't always require money.

Just be there.. To the one in need. Listen deep.

Happiness lies in all simple things on Earth. We don't need much, if we had a chance to look closer.


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