From the Blade Runner Movie

So what's the correlation between Blade Runner and Minimalism?

If you have seen the movie, it shows you about a robot who wants to have a heart. Who wants to feel, like human. Desired, wanted, and born.

His wish is so simple. In his advance world of technology, he wants emotion. A touch, a smile, a pleasing word. He had everything, and yet it's not enough because he needs affection. Then he started to hearing from another robot. An Artificial Intelligence built who whispered about everything he wants to hear. Even though its calming, it is not exist.


Blade Runner doesn't try to save the world. But it saves the tiniest part of the world who can make huge impacts: EGO.

And that's when I found a link with minimalism. From the perfection of Ryan Gosling's act, I concluded that the more we grateful for who we are, the happier we are. We don't have to seek the answer of our existence, even if the movie said 'people sleep better when they know who they are'.

Maybe we've lost a family and ask why.
Maybe one never knew who his/her father was, and ask why.
Maybe one never knew where is his/her origin and ask why.

All these questions, leads to anxiety. People are craving for answer instead of enjoying the minutes. Keep on asking and never got a reply.

The moment we accept who we are as we are, the moment we freed our soul from clutter that weighing us down.

It's okay to keep asking and finding the truth. But to ask without work on it, (go on a journey, collecting the clues and all), will only lead to sleep deprivation. You say you want to sleep better but keep on bothering your head with things you dont know how to find.

Minimalism is also acceptance. As what we are now, and what we have now.


Let me share you the example, about the definition of the life I dream.

I told you before about defining the goals first before taking the steps, right?

And here is a few of mine that I have successfully decode for the last couple of month;

I want to live the life which I can..

Have time for my own. In every day I have, I need time to invest for my future, praying is one of it. Reading, maybe I can use some tea and book in the afternoon before its dark.

I need to see the sunsets at least three times a week. Which means, I can't get trapped in the office for too long, no matter whether I still working nine to five or not.

Feel secure for my self, either its financially and socially. I need peaceful life from the neighbourhood, the families, whatever surrounding me. Want to feel wanted, and desired. Just like Joe.


Maybe there is more, but I still can't put it in the list because I'm not quite sure yet.

Its all simple things. And not including material or whatever. Because in the end, all we need is the comfort at heart. To have peace, and to leave in grace.


I had this one thing I wish I could have later..

The ability to look at someone's eyes, when those eyes, is everything I love in this world. Because for now, I couldn't make a contact when I talk to the eyes I admire. Why? Because they aren't mine.


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