Before Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight


This is the best trilogy I re-run in pandemic.

Still cry, obviously. Still be the best ending scenes of all time in movie history (except Before Sunset). Still relatable to me personally.

And don't make me start with the music.. The silent music as the scene is inaudible. 


Here what I found most interesting from Before Midnight. (I should re-run the first two again in order to quote them):

Not to be too consume with love. Friendship and work are what make us the happiest.

“She took care of herself, and ask me to do the same, we have plenty of room to meet in the middle. We were never one person, always two. we preferred that way" -Patrick when asked about his late wife-

If we want to truly know each other, we better know ourselves first

This is real life, its not perfect but its real.


To me, this trilogy has drowned me into an ideal kind of relationship. One that I never had, one where I can talk about everything and receive the equal response to whatever topic I'm throwing. But that's okay. Life isn't always being ideal, right. 

But at the end of the day, all we have left is memory. 

From when we first met, our first fight, and everything will be stuck with us until we're old and grumpy. 

We should better stop imagining the ideal partner, or whatever happily ever after we've been dreaming about. Real life will far from perfect, but it's real and we have to deal with it. Make the most of our time now, because the idea is to live a life with no regret.


Bogor, 21 November 2020

I will always remember what Yayuk ever taught us by example: marriage is about right and responsibility, but we should only focus on our responsibility, let Allah pay us for our right. Even after she dies, she still leaving us with example to leave a legacy in form of example. Kamu ga tahu rasanya rindu, sampai kamu rindukan orang yang tidak akan bisa ditemui lagi di dunia ini.


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