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A Bedtime Story

I think I can write a story, about a good wizard and a wicked witch. Good wizard was once live in a peaceful village, where everyone looked up to her, love her, and obey her. Until a Wicked Witch came to destroy everything she had. Of all her possession, one that she love so dearly, is a boy. It’s not her child, but she raised him since he was a baby. Changed every diaper (with magic, of course), soothed every tantrum. She loves him like her own child. Long story short, the Wicked Witch stole the boy from her. Before she can even find him, the Witch already make the boy as her possession. The boy looks up to her, loves her, and obey her. The world turned upside down. The Wicked Witch has gone soft by watching the boy grow, and the Good Wizard was desperately destroyed everything that says she wouldn’t get the boy’s heart ever again. “I’m HIS MOTHER!!” She screams like a thunder. The Good Wizard is filled with vengeance that every step she take, only lead her to one goal: destroying hap

Shield of Love

Some says, Love is a weapon.. but it also can be a curse. I know both of them, unless to use it as a weapon.. I don’t have any experience that love could boost my mood to attend the class whatsoever. As for a curse? I’m definitelly have a lot to say about THAT! Say.. fall for someone you can never have. Oh trust me its torturing.. me now, is falling for someone I know I can’t have. Though I know this feeling is temporary, but I’m quite sure that it is some kind of love (love comes in so many forms, eh?). The reasons why I can’t have this man are.. despite of him being married, he also far away from my town. And he didn’t know I exist, and yet.. he’s unreal. His name is.. Captain Hook. Yep. Am falling for a pirate. It hurts to see everytime he make such a charming gesture.. and those accents. And he knows what to do, know what he wants, he’s able to plan a date, he can dance (because he knows what to do), and he’s bloody protective. And I love that! Such protection could make you safe l

When Life Gives You Lemon,

When life gives you lemon, squeeze them hard, and apply it to your face. Make a lemon mask, the vitamin C is good for your skin. Sleep on it, (or not if you don't like your face getting sticky). Because life will always gives you lemon, no matter how hard you plant the apples. Complaining won't give any solution, just sit back and relax. The storm will be gone anyway. *** February 17th, and tomorrow is Monday. As an Arian born, I always face everything with bravery, enthusiasm, and fire. Just.. not in Monday. 

Saat Langitmu Runtuh

Have you ever did something bad? Terribly bad.. that you started to understand the reason why people kill them self when the mistake happen? I have. *** When I was a kid, I used to wonder why adults are so complicated. They kill them self for one small incident that they shouldn't be that ashamed. And when I'm a young adult, I didn't understand why adult got hurt so easily, that one small kind gesture could be assumed bad and wrong for them. Why would they assume that if another people offer them help, as wrong gesture.  I didn't understand until lately.. A cautious mind came from series of betrayal. They used to trust people who end up hurting them. Backbiting, backstabbing, all from the back, are keep happening to them that they start to build a wall. The wall is, however, protect them from everything. Good or bad. Before they know it, they have block all the lights, and all they have left is.. darkness. You know what happen when a person is surrounded with

Series of Lesson I found in my twenties, leave it if you claim to be an atheist. Its gotta be boring.

If all road lead to somewhere, and life is a long road we take.. where do it lead us to? *** I hit rockbottom. Finally. I made a mistake, lots of mistakes, when I used to be the careful one. Used to. I'm feeling lost in some way, but not in the way that I would like to explain in this note. It was a whole lot different year, last year. The one month trial is over, and now I had to face the truth. The truth which wakes me up. One hit is all it takes, to make me realize, what is it to be.. alive. *** A person who used to live in struggle, would never understand the world as an easy trip. For them, everything needs a thoughtful consideration, it could never be the.. I want this so I got this. And vice versa, the one who used to live an easy life, would never understand what it takes to sacrifice. I didn't realize this until I got a terrible hit in my career, which is nothing compared to other people out there. Should I tell you what is the hit? Nah.. you wouldn't u