Decluttering time!!

Yay, it's decluttering phase. Fifth month of 2018, who realized we've come this far? Feels like the year was just started and boom! Soon enough, we'll get to the middle. 

Like Zedd, Maren Morris, & Grey said 'Oh baby, Why don't you just meet me in the middle?' be prepare to whatever meet you at the upcoming months!

So I may have a little story to tell to start this Month of May.. which is.. by decluttering! Five months have gone, and who knows we've stack more and more stuff already. I got pretty overwhelmed with what I had lately. 

We, human.. tend to avoid loneliness. And just like any other human beings, I too fill the void by shopping. It's okay tho, it's human. Men, women, they did shopping when they feel lonely and had some money. (Some men are crazier shopper than me, lol). I get a little bit lost with my minimalism thing, and forgetting the formula of minimalist shopper: asking question.

I stopped questioning why I bought this or that since.. I don't know.. February? March..? Not long after New Year celebration and bunch of wishful list to do to be a better person. 

As for now, before I got a little too far, and visiting online shopping websites too often,  I.. declutter. 

It shocked me to see how much I've grown the stuff has grown. If they say the more the merrier.. well.. doesn't apply to the stuff. 

I started to categorized things and emptying all boxes. Which takes me whole day because apparently, I don't have to categorized anymore. This is all sentimental item that left after series of decluttering I did last year. (The last time I declutter was when I moved in to the house, which is January). 

A little tip; do declutter every three months. Five month piling up stuff.. not good. One day is not enough to sort these sentimental items. I had trouble with memories and letting some of them go. There's this cute pouch, I remember bought with discount price, which I automatically put it into the store box. But then I remember, this pouch, has never been in use to me. I never had a chance to wear it or store something useful in it. And why do I have to keep it?

That's when the battle started. Usually it takes five minutes sit, ten minutes playing games, ten minutes scrolling instagram, for me to finally decide whether or not I should donate the pouch or keep it. 

I moved it to the donation box.

It kept going like that for another sentimental item; old sheet, handmade flowers, wooden box, white speaker, glasses (plenty of it), wedding ring, photo album, and some other that are too hard to get rid of (like  papers, medical check up result, guarantee cards). 

But don't worry if you're making a slow progress when decluttering. None should force them self that hard in order to become a minimalist. Because the point is not how much items you get rid, it's how much you enjoy the process. 

Look. Minimalism goal is only to make you happy. Getting rid of some stuff is just to create some space for you to breathe, and it's to make you happy. If you're not happy doing it, (and you still have plenty of space in the house), so be it. Don't force your self to throw away some old pillows just because you want to have only one pillow to use every day. 

Minimalis is not about quantity. It's about quality, on how much you enjoy your possession. Each of it. And how much you remember having them. Each of it. By chosing to be minimalist, then you've signed to always remember what you have in this box. Nothing left unforgotten, because the forgotten stuff will vibes you bad energy.

There's this theory, called String theory, which explains how inanimate objects do have feeling. Their particles were made with the same particles that forms human body. Like any other particles, in human body, or in galaxies, particles in inanimate objects are moving too, rotating as how it supposed to be. And those moves, create some vibration. Atomic particles are the form of three dimensions of an item, and if.. we see them through four dimension way, you'll see that there's fourth form; Vibration. It resonates with any other item, to one inanimate objects to another. To one inanimate objects, to its surroundings, including human. They, the particles, are communicating to each other. 

So when one item has left unforgotten, they feel like they're not useful enough, born to be.. useless. The negative vibration will resonates with our atomic vibration, and creates a weird stress, unexplainable weigh, that we,. our self.. don't know why. 

This is why you feel relieved after decluttering. By donating some item you no longer used, you give the chance for the item to be beneficial to others. That happiness is contagious to one another. The person who received your item is happy, the item is happy, and you.. undeniably, affected by their happiness. 

Usually, there's a side effect after decluttering. It's physical, like pimple or diarrhea, but you don't have to worry. It's a sign that your body responds to the detox. It's trying to get rid of some toxic too. Mine mostly pimple.

Another side effect is, emotional. After decluttering, and feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff you possessed, then you no longer obsessed with some new item anymore. You'll feel content by what you already have, and therefore, you won't go shopping unless it's really necessary. It's good for your financial health. Even if you make money every month, there's no point wasting it to a clutter. You'll feel that, after declutter. 

By keeping your possession in a tight number, you'll be the person who know what you want. And there's no success people who doesn't know what they want. The most trickier thing to define, is getting to know what we want. Decluttering will help you define them.

As for me, I already know what kind of kitchen set I want have. That will save me some money by not buying useless hanger, or temporary shelves. I keep the item in my kitchen small, so it could fit into a box before I really have time to call the carpenters. (Yes, sure, I wanna customized everything). 


Minimalism is creating joy for your self. You don't have to prove anything to other people because that's not how a minimalist live. They're not live to show people that they have life. It is not a quantity of item, how cheap, how minimal, it's how you pick the one that spark joy. And to define before hand, whether or not this item be beneficial for you. 

It's not there for you to compare one another. It's there to help creating space, only you know how much you need. 


Here's a little tip when decluttering sentimental item, if you're in doubt.. try folding plastic bag. Fold it into triangle mode, and stack them in a used cardboard box. There, you won't find it difficult when you need to reuse them. Simple and cheap as that. 

Happy decluttering..


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