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5 Years Cycle

Yep. I have to do that because if you read this blog from the website, (I don't know why), the first lines are always missing. I always see my life year by year, each year I learned different lessons. I learn simple lessons in hard ways because I'm too stubborn to be taught softly. Life should teach me that hard, indeed.Looking back five years ago, I was as clueless as I am now. I had a job, of course, that was enough to feed me while I'm working on my graduation. As to fill the time, to distract my terrified mind about the unknown reality I was about to face, I watched movies a lot. I watched an unhealthy amount of films a day, talk shows, interviews, you name it. Until one day, the door was opened. Somebody texted me, offered me a job, I said yes, I left my boyfriend old job, and walked into a brand new life. Which.. I still livin until now. (by the way, grammarly is so annoying).My current life, my PRESENT life, is not much of a differen…

The best banana cake in the world!

A cup of flour, a pinch of salt, maybe add some banana, or egg, or sugar, whatever, mix them altogether until they look pale, like a dead people pale. And bake them until they brown. But that’s not the best part yet, no no.
The best part is.. after I put them in the oven, I wash all my baking utensils, clean the kitchen, and get the washing-cleaning-things done! Langsung berasa tua akutu. Kalo dulu tiap bikin kue mungkin nunggu ramadan dulu itu mixer baru dicuci.