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Every person in your life..

They came to teach you a lesson or two. Some may bring you one sentence, some other may be a chapter. But all you need to remember, is to always seek that lesson. So when they’re gone (which they mostly are) you’ll be able to understand that their purpose in your life is over. Its time for you to move along with the lesson(s) and be better. And there is always be that one person, who gave you too many lessons that you started to think that you owe them, but they don’t even know. If you cant thank them in person, thank them in silence. Within your prayers and your communication to God, mention their name. You owe them that much. *** Bogor, July 20th. 00.47 Fever helps cleared my head

Pada Sebuah Bangunan

Ada sesuatu tentang masjid, yang tidak bisa kita ungkap hanya dengan kata. Ada rindu yang terselip, kala senja menggantung indah. Pada langkah-langkah kecil anak-anak bersarung dan berpeci putih. Pada tawa riang saling berkejaran, berlomba menjadi yang pertama memasuki pintunya. Adalah masjid, tempat beristirahat paling nyaman. Ketika jalan panjang membentang, dan roda kendaraan berputar tiada henti. Aku pernah bergumam, pada suatu ketika. Mendamba rumah yang berdekatan dengannya. Bangunan megah ataupun biasa, berlantunkan azan yang lembut menyentuh jiwa. Jika lelah fisik ditempatkan di peraduan, Maka lelah jiwa disandarkan pada mimbarnya. Ada haru yang terusik, kala mengenang sore indah di tepian Sungai Lamandau. Lantunan azan bersahutan, perahu-perahu nelayan bergegas menepi. Anak-anak kecil berlari, Bapak-bapak tua bergegas meninggalkan rumah. Membuncah emosi berkata, inilah pemandangan terindah yang aku suka. Selepas itu, Hanya harap yang kerap digoda. Mengingatkan akan lampau yang

Let’s Be Great!

Do you have any idea how long is ‘the rest of my life’ would be? Like when you were so crazy in love and you wanna be with that guy and spend your life with him.. do you actually have any idea how long that gonna be? Let me put some thought for you, ladies. (All single ladies out there who are still whining about getting no relationship or stuck in a relationship that going nowhere): This is the only time for you to learn about you. I’m saying this because we’re women. And women don’t do things only for her self. After this, you’ll spent your entire life taking care of other people. That’s what we’re designed. First, it’ll be your man. Then it’ll be your kid. First born, second born, on and on. And then you’ll get older and your parents get older, so you have to take care of them too. In those moments, you’ll whine of getting crazy with housework, crave for some alone-time and started to post in social media how much you miss your teenage days. I know this because that’s what I see and

Scene #27

“Its like.. everytime I met someone, everytime it feels right.. he always came back to me. He’s like.. restarted, you know. I know it doesnt sound right, cause maybe he’s just being nice. Maybe he just wanna help. But its weird. Way too weird. Way too nice if its for a stranger.. he even hold the door for me before I get into the car. He’s helping me while he was struggling with himself. They said that if somebody helps you while he’s struggling too.. its not help. It’s love.. right? But why..?” “You can’t.. chose him because you were afraid to break his heart. You can’t chose to be with him just because you don’t wanna make him sad. You did enough. He had enough chance to be with you but he blew it. Now is the time for you to chose you. You’ve done enough for him. Thank him.. and move on..” “That’s it! That right there! Everytime.. you know.. every single time I thank him and tried to move on.. he came back. Better.. and nicer..” “And then what?! Then he turned cold again? Leave you h