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How to Love your Job in a Minimalist’s way:

Now that you’ve considered your self as a minimalist, we may need to move forward. To think beyond space. Not only that we need to mind the clutter and the possessions but also, we need to think about the way we live the day. As you can see minimalists like to live their ‘now’. And how to live the ‘now’ if the current job you have is the one you least enjoyed. I’ve googled some pages and talk videos with keywords: “how to love your job”. Got the answer I’ve already know. Not bad, because that’s the only answer ever exist. Be grateful, don’t compare, have positive energy, be enthusiastic. All the be’s came with a question: how. Now that I have to dig deeper on what affected people in the office emotionally, I finally learned that mostly, its not the job that they hate. Its the people. Could be the boss, or the managers, or the coworkers. I know how frustrating it is to work with unprofessional people who made tons of excuses a day for their incomplete tasks, but their sigh of relieve on

Rhafa kalau udah gede mau jadi apa?

“Rhafa kalau udh gede mau jadi apa?” Pertanyaan klasik, keluar dari mulut perempuan yang baru memasuki usia 27 tahun. “Haaaawiiiimauuuu” bocah empat tahun itu menjawab sambil setengah bergelayut di antara dua kursi mobil. Tiga orang dewasa tertawa dibuatnya. Baiklah. Perempuan yang baru berusia 27 tahun itu teringat polah seorang anak kecil lain, yang mengadukan temannya ke sang ibu. “Ma, masa temen aku kalo udh gede mau jadi Power Ranger! Kan gaboleh. Manusia kan gabisa jadi power ranger” ujarnya. Si Ibu hanya tersenyum dan membalas “kalau kamu? Mau jadi apa?” Dengan senyum lebar si anak menjawab “mau jadi mobil box!” Tertawalah kami berempat, sampai si perempuan yang baru berusia 27 tahun itu bertanya lagi.. “Kalau aku.. jadi apa?” “Jadii.. buuwung (burung)” jawab si bocah empat tahun “Aww makasih... burung kan manis” “Ehh bukan.. bukan. Jadiiii kucing” si bocah meralat sambil menirukan kucing yang minta dielus. “Hahahha makasiiih.. kucing kan lucuuu. Kalau Reyhan jadi apa?” Perempua

Five Years

Five years ago, I still searching for who I really am. Hit the road, took the trip, lost in Saigon, spent nothing but to eat and bus tickets. It seems like yesterday when I see all those pictures before I deleted one by one. Will it be the same to the next five years I’m heading? Will it feel like tomorrow? How do you see your self in five years? Seems like a naive question. Because it happens in the blink of an eye..  How do you define success? What is your life goal? Are you a genius? How will you contribute to the country? I can shut those voices already. Binge-watching Netflix is helping me escape from reality. I dont have all the answers. Am I stupid?

Tribute to Once Upon a Time

Just like the book, it appears in Snow White’s wardrobe when Henry needs it the most., the show happened to appear in my Netflix feed just when I need it the most. The story in Once Upon a Time, is about hope and second chance everyone deserves. After series of abandonment, betrayal, you name it.. everyone of us deserves a fresh start. Second chance.  As a kid, I grew up with disney princess. With fairy tales. I live my whole teenage time in a fantasy world. I happened to have two fantasy friends named Hanas and Lana, who’ve been my company since I was five (until now, actually). Even when I have friends, I socialize a lot, I will always come back home to that world. A grown up version of me is now drowning into routine. They said its lethal. I didn’t realize it until the show grabbed my heart and stunned me. In every adult there might lies a little kid inside. Won’t die, just sleep. One day they’ll awake and they’ll ask you this: is this the place where you wanna be? *** Bogor, March

The Endings (2)

Marianne from Sense and Sensibility was terribly ill when she found out her loved one is engage to someone else. She must return from London empty-handed and deep sadness. It’s been proved that emotion can affect physical health. For tonight I feel like fever is about to attack, and I know where it comes from: missing Once Upon a Time. I used to spent each and every night with em, watching them fight monsters and relieved for every happy-almost-ending.  I cant risk it anymore as tomorrow is Monday, the most wonderful day of the week. I cant risk being ill. I now must re-run the show, just to see Once Upon a Time for one last time. *** Bogor, March 10th Once Upon a Time was began with Emma Swan’s birthday, and mine is coming.

The Endings

This is the first morning I wake up and have nothing to watch. No more Hook, no more monsters to fight, no prophecy, no evil nor witch. For the last few weeks they’ve been the good friends all mine, and now its over. I hardly hooked to a tv series, usually the on going one doesn’t do me well. I know its the one if the Pilot have something promising to offer.. after Gossip Girl, I thought I won’t addicted to another show. I tried watching Quantico but all I’m curious about is Chopra’s powder lipstick. I don’t know what to do for this bright Sunday morning. After a usual seven minutes workout, I get back to bed, and write this instead. 

Am I.. what?

Imagine you’re on your daily life, doing exactly the same thing you do everyday.. and someone walks into you and told you you’re their mother. Or You’re doing something that you believe is true, and you’ve done that for your whole life, and then someone.. out of nowhere.. tells you that what you did was wrong. What will you do? Yell at them? Tell them they’re crazy? Laugh and leave them? And yet fate keeps playing with us. Sometimes it gives us candy, the other day it put knife on our throat. One day you believe in something, the other day it shows you you’re wrong. That one person you trust, could be a two faces snake that darken your soul. Without learning to read the situation.. you’ll let your self rot in a miserable fate. Let me tell you this.. people don’t die when they got buried. People die when they stop learning and stop listening. One words to another.. I hate when people only listen to reply, and not to understand.. and believe me.. I could read those kinds of people even w


When someone treats you badly, its on them. Its the manifestation of how they feel about them self, that they want people to feel the same. When someone treats you unfairly, its okay to cry. One day they’ll pay the price. Unhappy people tend to torture other people’s happiness. You should pity them, for the lack of love they have in life. Walk away, take your trip, and move on. You owe none.

A Tale of a Confuse Girl

She doesn’t know who she is. She thinks she knows, but all she sees is a fragile-lost girl in her pajamas. People keep telling tales of finding who you are and embrace it. Thus, one would possess a power in a weight of the world. But how will she embrace who she is if she didn’t know who is she in the first place? “ Mirror mirror on the wall..” she whispers. Only silence, for the mirror isn’t belong to the Evil Queen. Mirror can’t tell anything but to show her her reflection. A confused young woman who wouldn’t know what she’s about to have. Just like the others.. she’s searching for her happy ending. One that she hold so dearly for so long. She barely remember her childhood, hence she needs to re-trace it from some toys. She had this super power - she wants to call it this- a super power to erase bad memories. That she totally able to forgot all terrible things ever happened to her. It’s simple. She just chose to not remember and puff! It’s gone. She knows she has to put some faith. T


I’m not in the mood for doing anything today. I lock my self in my room, leave it dark and cold, not turning off the aircon nor opening any window. Its also gloomy outside, so why bother seeking for sunlight. In this cold silent room, I travel thru time back and forth, to see how Emma Swan and Killian Jones get their happy ending. If there is.. a happy ending. *** Bogor, March 2nd The first Saturday of March, 20 days to birthday Am about to be twenty seven!

Kalau suka jalan-jalan, coba baca ini. Dikit doang..

Gw pernah dengar di salah satu ceramahnya Nouman Ali berkata, bahwa manusia itu pada dasarnya menyukai keindahan dan kesempurnaan, karena ruh mereka awalnya adalah bagian dari Sang Pencipta. Ruh adalah cahaya, sebagian kecil cahaya Allah yang dititipkan di tubuh manusia. Karenanya, manusia senang dengan keindahan karena Allah juga senang keindahan. Manusia cenderung menyempurnakan sesuatu dan tidak pernah puas, karena Allah Maha Sempurna. Semua yang dilakukan itu seperti manifestasi dari keinginan ruh untuk kembali ke asalnya. Manusia ingin pasangan, karena dia butuh cinta. Sulit bagi manusia tuk hidup tanpa cinta bagai kembang tak berbunga, oh begitulah kata para pujangga .. karenanya mereka butuh pasangan. Kenapa mereka butuh cinta dan kasih sayang? Karena muasal ruhnya, adalah Sumber dari semua cinta dan kasih sayang di alam semesta. Seperti insting gitu.. hujan turun dari langit, mengalir ke sungai terus ke laut. Insting air tuk kembali ke asal. Gaji masuk ke rekening, lalu men