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Just like any other good things in life, a good movie will come to you when you need it the most.


I've been wanting to watch this movie since last year. For the past five years I've been losing my movie ritual, as the only time for me to watch movies is in the airplane. I have to catch up with La La La Land on my flight to Balikpapan, and watch Christopher Robin on my flight to Jayapura. It wasn't even fresh, I've been late for a year or so when I was able to watched them. 

So I just knew that this movie exist when I can stay at home for as long as I wanted during pandemic, from one of the talkshow I used to binge everyday when I was about to graduate college and was worry about being jobless.

This movie is everything I need right now. I don't understand why I clicked it after watching Wanda-Vision. As my mood was dark, and I have to order a big box of pizza and cheesy potatoes just to make me feel less lonely. I saw the poster everyday. Everyday as in lunch time every single day, when I'm about to have lunch. Tapi baru sekarang bener-bener klik dan mau nonton. Padahal kalau mau dibilang, selama ini saya menolak menonton ini karena takut ini film sedih, dan bikin gloomy. Sekarang malah habis nonton WandaVision yang gloomy itu, malah klik ini.

Seperti ngopekin koreng, kalau kata orang. Sudah tahu akan sakit, malah terus dikorek-korek. (Euww).


Joy is everything that I need right now. Knowing that I'm about to lose my motivation in doing my baby business. As my energy drained for the exhaustive demand from my boss, that feels like endless circle.

Business is tough for Joy, her father kept pushing her down, her mother doesn't even care about her because all she cares about is her favorite soap opera, her sister envy her and not at all supportive.. but at least she had the most essential people in her life; her grandmother, ex-husband who happened to be a better friend for her after they got divorced, and her bestfriend.

I want what she had. I have my bestfriends, and they are all the people who keep supporting me from the start. But I don't have the kind of support like the one she gets from her grandmother or she called 'Mimi'. One who sees her full potential, who believes in her even after seventeen years of losing her self. Who told her everything she needs to hear, every encouraging words, faith, and reminding her on what she capable of.

Growing up as a girl who barely know the family, I kinda lose sight of who I am. I never knew my Opa, not his fault, he died when father was still in college, a tragic story I never want to hear. I only knew a little of Oma, from my three years of high school, the only part of my life when I finally get to know my father's origin and fell in love with the culture. All I knew about my grandmother is she's always angry, always mad at me, and sooo protective about her belongings. She's too scared that I will ruined her vase, or her tv, or her radio. Grandmother is the opposite of minimalist which I don't wanna be. And then there is.. Eyang. He is my human shield, the protection from grandma's rage. He defence me all the time, love me, care about me, give me advice, and pray for me even now when he can barely talk. He is a grumpy old man yang selalu marah ke semua orang, tapi tidak ke saya, he never yells at me even once. (I miss him now). 

Joy has it. She has the power of her grandmother's faith. She managed to challenge the bad guys and win. 

This is crucial for us to go that big, or at least aim that big. Especially as a muslim. We should be driven to profit, grow big, so big that we can help people in a much significant way instead of just small donation every month which can only afford groceries for one poor family. Instead, we go big, so we can provide a fishing rod for them instead of small fishes. 

This is the kind of reminder I need in this very circumstance. Last week I had a conversation with a guy, who told me that he's a minimalist but also, a capitalist. I challenge him on the idea that minimalism and capitalism can't be on the same boat, not even if he put 'conscious' as a label to make it feel less evil. Now I understand, what probably could make a person a minimalist and capitalist at the same time; this profit driven culture, to grow as big, as rich, in a way that doesn't harm any other living creatures (not environment, not animal, not the people). That enormous impact will lead to another significant impact, and thus our kindness is not just for a show, because the aid is significantly change their lives.


I always said that I don't trust feeling, but I trust pattern. From this movie, again I found, a pattern. Of when a woman gets so sick of the bricks thrown at her, and she decided to get up on her feet, walk her battle,. the first thing she did is; cut her hair. As short as you can ever imagine.

As the conclusion of the movie, a woman can overcome any challenges in business as long as she has these essential things in life; a person who have faith on her capability, a partner by her side ready to accompany her get through any situation, and a best friend who will support her no matter what. Parents? Not everyone is lucky enough to have supportive parents, and this movie proved that even if you're unlucky, you can still achieve success anyway. (And you can still fix things and be good parents for your children).

Oh and.. a pair of perfect glasses. This is a crucial detail for the walk.


Bogor, February 26 2021

I have prepared a whole bunch of notes to write tonight, about Suku Anak Dalam in minimalist's perspective. But Joy change everything. 


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