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I hope my kidneys will forgive me because I took two pills today. I don’t know whom I should thank: the PMS, or the guy from yesterday who deliver my order three hours late.

My problem with PMS is the symptom look very much alike with stomach acid. Or maybe, the reflux is generated from PMS due to hormonal imbalance. So I got headache, and I throw up a lot. It’s been thirty minutes now since I woke up and throw up for nothing except for the unpleasant noise.

if this is PMS, then it’ll be the longest PMS in history. My period won’t come until next week and I already had it since a couple days ago, which will make it ten or twelve days of PMS. Crazy, right? It should be between three to five days.

But if this is reflux karna telat makan kemarin yang nungguin cumi dijanjiin jam dua datang jam lima, maka ini jadi pembelajaran buat gw juga sebagai sesama pelaku usaha bidang makanan. Jangan pernah ngejanjiin mau anter makanan di jam yang gabisa ditepati. Efeknya fatal kalau dia sampe nungguin. Salah si gw juga kemarin itu.. mestinya makan aja. Tapi kan gw udh kebayang mau masak fresh seafood and everything jadi mau bayangin makan menu lain udah ga nafsu.

Setidaknya jadi bisa bangun dini hari lagi. Mengerjakan amalan sepertiga malam yg Insya Allah dikerjakan. Ini udh hampir sejam sejak kebangun, tapi cuma bikin oatmeal dan air madu hangat.

I think I need to remember these days as the first beginning to twenty twenty one (red: won). The struggle, the roller-coaster of emotions, I wanna remember this because I survive. I’m a survivor, baby!


Bogor, January 9 2021

Tadi pas buka instagram, tahu-tahu Basa nge tag di story, ngepromosiin my baby juice. Padahal Basa tu ga pernah komentar apa2 sejak ku launching.. :’)


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