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TOEFL ITP Tips and Trick

Take this advice from someone who took the test twice, just because her hands shaking during her first test.


TOEFL ITP is a tricky bast***. You'll think its easy, as you learn and exercise with your new handbook. But the truth is.. it is really easy. What's not easy is, the part when you have no time to think, not even blink. My hardest part, is when I need to circle the answer with a full moon, sized like a needle hole. Now I'm realise that I am too old for a high school answer sheet.

So here is what I learn from my first and second test.. which.. actually I passed the first test. (I need to brag a little).

1. Practice makes perfect
You were wrong if you think you know English, and you can handle the test without any practicing. Because most of the questions, are available in your exercise book, or in guidance of TOEFL ITP that they share with you. There are numerous of questions you can access out there, if only you practice. Practice it now, today, tomorrow, whenever you can. Even if it means you poop while taking pencil and paper.

Because at the test, you'll only have seconds to think. 25 minutes for 40 questions in writing question, which means you have 37 seconds to do each question. With the speed of a nervous hand, circling the answer sheet will take at least 5 seconds, so you got 32 seconds (blinking might be take one or two seconds).

As for the reading, don't read the passage entirely. You only have ten minutes for ten questions each passage, meaning you have 60 seconds for each question. You may need those seconds to scan the keywords, and spare the last 10 seconds to circling the dumb circle. Man I really have problems with those dark circle.

As I said, practice makes perfect. The more you read, the quicker you can catch the keyword.

2. Don't go with empty stomach
Seriously. The test usually goes at 13.00 - 15.15. You may think its okay to skip lunch, but once you get into the quiet room, your focus will be distracted into answering the questions, and preventing the stomach from making an embarrassing noise.

3. Wear Jacket
I hate cold room. I always set my room temperature with 25 or 24, and in the class they may set it down to 16.

4. Leave the doubt
This is no time for you to think and reminiscing all your English lesson back in high school. If you don't know the answer, but you think you have it somewhere in your memory drawer, don't try to dig it up. You'll run out of time, and maybe sacrificing another questions which answer you definitely know about. So my suggestion to these answer is, put your best guess and move on! Don't ever think to go back, because once you leave section one, you'll leave it forever. When you're at section three, and you took a step back to section two, they'll consider you as cheating. Weird, eh? But that's the rule.

5. Wear watch
You need to keep track of time, because you can easily get lost in the middle of thinking and dreaming somewhere in the class. You need to start counting, as for me: five minutes in writing section means I have to finish answering 10 questions.

6. Here is the strategy
I have worry that I won't make it on time until the last questions, so I decided to put all the answer first, with a non full dark circle, and keep going until the last section. I will need to spare ten minutes for 40 questions to circling all the way down the road. That was the hardest part, and that's what struggling means. I have to duck down like I'm gonna kiss the table, and get my head spinning like hell as I head up. But that's okay, I got good score in my first test, hopefully the second one will be a lot better.
As for the section three, with 50 questions of reading, I need 15 minutes to circle them all.


In TOEFL ITP, time means everything, so its not for you who is so used to wasting it playing games online or binge Netflix when an hour means nothing. Therefore, if you're not too good at counting seconds, try to practicing more and more. First, practicing to answer the question with proper thinking. Then, practice to do with ticking time. Repeat.

If Everyone can do it, you will too. Good luck!

(or if you're not following everyone and be proud of your damn self. Then, just be who you are. I love you no matter what).

Bogor, April 13th.
It's April! The sweet month.


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