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How to Love your Job in a Minimalist’s way:

Now that you’ve considered your self as a minimalist, we may need to move forward. To think beyond space. Not only that we need to mind the clutter and the possessions but also, we need to think about the way we live the day.

As you can see minimalists like to live their ‘now’. And how to live the ‘now’ if the current job you have is the one you least enjoyed.

I’ve googled some pages and talk videos with keywords: “how to love your job”. Got the answer I’ve already know. Not bad, because that’s the only answer ever exist. Be grateful, don’t compare, have positive energy, be enthusiastic. All the be’s came with a question: how.

Now that I have to dig deeper on what affected people in the office emotionally, I finally learned that mostly, its not the job that they hate. Its the people. Could be the boss, or the managers, or the coworkers. I know how frustrating it is to work with unprofessional people who made tons of excuses a day for their incomplete tasks, but their sigh of relieve once they get one tiny thing done is as loud as a giant thunder. (You know I’m overreacted it).

My point is, if one could learn what is the least uncomfortable thing that people have in their office which lead them to hate their job.. things are easier to resolve.

A minimalist tends to keep things simple, hence they dislike complicated-long pointless conversation. That’s what people mostly do in the office: they stall. Stall the conversation to make it as if interesting. Stall the answer to a question to make them looks like they know things that they confused other people because others aren’t as capable as they are.. (whaat). This is where frustration happen., so if you considered your self a minimalist.. here’s what you gonna do:

1. Think of happy thought.
Just like when you’re about to be murdered., close your eyes, take a deep breathe and think.. how did you end up there in a first place. Minimalists don’t live in the past, their memories are efficient only to keep those which spark joy. So when they’re thinking of it, the happy thought is there to cheer them up. You’ll do too, if you manage to declutter your own memories first.

How do you declutter memories? To forget the bad ones and keep the good ones? The answer may sounds naive, but yes here it is; forgive. Forgive every pain, everyone who causes the pain, and move on. We made mistakes because we’re human. Holding on to that terrible mistakes won’t do any good. So yep. Move on!

2. The happy thought does work, but the people are still annoying. They’re loud and won’t stop talking.
Minimalist like to have their space of their own. They know how to calculate the balance between what they need and what they want so they know how much space do they need. Find that calculation of your own, and make that space. Border your self in a conversation, if the people are crossing the line, tell them you don’t like it and show them your border. That’ll make a distance between you and your coworker, but that’s okay. Because the size of the distance is enough for you to make space.

Okay it is easier to practice than to write into theory., because I dont know.. writing this make it looks like.. weird.

But yeah, I do weird things in order to stay in love with my job. Not that I hate it.. I love it so much.. I love it since I was first started but things has shifted into a greater deal that not all of us can bear. So there comes the storm.


3. Minimalists believe in process, step by step, brick by brick. 
If you feel like you cant really love your job, despite all the space and tolerance, you may need to ask your self: what kind of job that will make me happy.

If the answer is its actually this job, without the people that causes trouble. Means that you have to stay in that job. Because wherever you go, bad guys will always follow. Isn’t that what made life so interesting? The villain? (Hence I’d prefer Loki over Thor, Evil Queen over Snow White, and Moriarty over Watson).
Sometimes to deal with the lack of love in the office, the frustrating days that go daily, you need to question your self: what do I want, what do I love, and what makes me happy.

Minimalism is a series of act to question one self. Its a deep journey to inside, just like meditation but doing it consciously (I never meditate anyway, but for all I know they do it with close eyes and it seems like sub-conscious mind that working). By doing so, you’ll learn to shut your mouth and stop feeding your ego. Sometimes, ego is out loud, screaming and begging for something it doesn’t know why. By being a minimalist, by questioning your self to find what you really need, you’ll find that its not the coworkers that annoying. Its your ego.

Bogor, March 26th
Its been three months of me writing on the same bed. I’ve never felt this settle before. Three months staying in town. No morning flights to catch, no FGD, no two hours of sleep.. Heaven!


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