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Design: Road Path to Life

Everything about design is amazing. First you need to know who you are, then you have to picture the goal. How do you want the final output be. And you gotta play with some creativity, with shapes and lines and dots and colours. All with meanings. Oh how I loved to talk about design, see it watch it feel it, but could never create it.

Yes I was born left brainer. My parents didn’t taught me any art, nor in the school-except for one hour or two each week. I never had any good score in drawing. I drew over lines all the time. I can’t wrap a gift. And I know NOTHING about music.

I hate art class back in school., neither take any of the extra-class. I would prefer language over dance, speech competition over music performance, debate competition over poetry reading (but I did poetry reading once, though. In my first year in high school, my very first art performance).

But I love art. I love music. I have diverse taste of music that my friends love my playlist, they often use it for their own event (wedding, engagement., birthday). My music taste is a combination between music and lyric. Sometimes I like it for the music, and sometimes for the lyric. Or both. I got moved with good music. And I speak song title to express feelings.

Becoming a design lover, I get so picky on what I wear and the place I live. If any chance I have to take a vacation, I would chose the hotel based on their interior design. And then go see the rate, then the location.

Also dress. Bridesmaid for a couple of times and I pick my dress design very really carefuly. Each of them needs to represents me. The dress I wear have to express who I am. And that was a long journey of consideration. But it never failed. Good that I have the best tailor in town.

For the house. Minimalism is my basic principle. I’d rather have nothing than buy something I don’t really like. I’m a strong believer that the needs will come with the capability to cope with the needs and the idea on how it’s gonna be.

For example, as a single woman who live alone in a small house, I don’t need much except for a bed, a desk, a fridge, and stove. Those for my basic needs: eating, sleeping, and working. That’s it. At first I didn’t need a chair. Even if I had two tables already (bought a set of furniture splitted with my ex-housemate who live with her husband right now), one coffee table and one office table. The coffee table is in pair with a small brown rug. Which was enough for me to do all my work.

My mom came in and said I need a chair for the office table I rarely used. But I said no because at that time, I didn’t know how the chair is gonna be, or what kind of chair do I want. So I wait.

Time passed, and the need of chair was slowly raised. I got a big offer on side job (translation) which required me to sit the whole weekend. I can’t do that on the floor with the rug as I used to. Right at that moment.. I suddenly know what kind of chair do I want. I want it beige, and simple, yet modern. So I google and got one. I went to the store, and take it right away.

The same method goes for my closet. I don’t have any wardrobe closet right now because I feel content with my bed drawer, which is enough for all my clothes. How many clothes do a single woman needs, anyway.

As for the house, I used to think that I don’t need a couch. Despite of I don’t really think I need it already, I also don’t know what kind of couch that I want, the design, the colour.. most importantly, the colour. But then I started to think that having a couch would be nice., until one day my ex-housemate with her husband visited me without noticed, and I made them sat on the floor. Lol. 

Now, after I got these whole idea of building a walls for my house and having the colour crimson red for it, I started to consider the colour red for my couch. That’s until I accidentaly put a hanger clothes in the middle of my grey livingroom (it needs to moved from my bedroom for aircon maintenance), and there’s my Red shirt, bright red shirt, hanging on that white hanger. From my bedroom I see that combination as.. perfect! Red is perfect for the walls. And it creates a rhyme with the outer walls. Dang!


Knowing what we want, make the searching easy. But before we get to know what we want, first we need to know who we are. This is a lifetime process. You’re blessed if you have it in your early age. Most people still got trapped and don’t know who they actually are until they are 50.

Design makes everything valuable. EVERYTHING. It all comes with meaning. To make us realise that Allah is the best, the most perfect Designer. He creates the universe all with purpose. Every tiniest part of the Earth has its function and lesson.

Imagine we’re designing a wall. We need to figure the shape, the general concept, the message that we want to deliver from this wall, the colour and why does it grey, or red,. And see how we got frustrated already by designing one particular thing. But when it comes out.. poof!! Its as if you’re the brightest person on Earth. Could you imagine how complex The Mind of Universe’s Designer? Could you?

I am building a wall, and my wall design is inspired from The Walls of Constantinople. Why? Because I want only the brave who could get inside. A true fighter and requires not only bravery but also tactics. A thoughtful hero with dedication, that’s who I want. I have reason for this.

Since my boyfriend left three years ago, I never had somebody and I don’t wanna be with just anybody. I closed my door and start building a virtual wall. A few has stepped in, take some space and leaving scars. They were just trying. And now I no longer wanted to be a trial for anyone, so I build a real wall.

‘Ha, don’t be too secure, you’re still single, none would fight that hard for you, men will scare..’ I hear all negative words and (not) surprisingly, came from my closest circle. But I let them be. I learn who I am, and only Allah that I’m counting into. I was never be disappointed by Allah, and never will.

The colour will be Crimson Red. Red is a symbol for bravery. I want people could see me  as a brave young woman. And only the brave who could get into the house or even share it with me. I’m done with lame weak men who needs me to be babysit him. 

And if they enter the house, they’ll find a grey-white minimalist design. White bookshelves. White bed. Grey wall. White wall.

The exterior had a bright and brave tone, while the interior had a calm, relaxing yet elegant tone.

I want people to see me as that one. Bright and brave outside, calm and relaxing inside.

(This is why I hate the guy from paint store this afternoon. He tried to recommend me with another colour because its so rare for people to use bright colour as exterior. And with the price is higher than any other colour, he made me re think my decision on chosing red for the entire wall. I listened to him but in my heart I said ‘I am not just anybody’. Hhhssss)

The same rule applied for your love life. If you’re still searching the universe won’t show you any option until you sure with who you are and what you want. You need to define your tone and your colour and what kind of life you wanna live in.

After you figured that out, or at least one or two from the list, you won’t make anyone special. Anyone that click with your heart. Anyone that makes you think ‘she’s the one’


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