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Ruh and Human Intelligence

Do you believe in soul?
If you do.. then do you believe in soul mate?
Do you believe that the soul fight for each other?

I used to believe in vibes, in frequency. The energy that traded between two souls, whose meant to be together. And maybe I wasn’t wrong, but I understand now that the souls.. knew each other. They communicate to each other. They recognise each other. Maybe.. (please if somebody knows the theory about this, let me know where to find the book), maybe the way soul communicating to each other is what we call as vibe, or energy. 

There’s this talk that I watched twice (or more), from Nouman Ali Khan with titled ‘Allah is Light upon Light’. I was in search of Allah, when I found this talk. I wasn’t doubting His existence, but I want to know Him more. I want to hear more about His Ar-Rahman, and Ar-Rahiim through youtube videos. But I found this instead. 

In this talk, Nouman Ali told us what is Allah. He is Light upon Light. His light is different than the light that we have now. Because everything about Allah is something beyond our capacity, Something that we never see, something that we never know. But we just feel.

In the human creation, Allah put His Light to human, and we called it; Ruh. Was it similar to the soul? I think so. The Ruh is something that Allah created long time ago, the time when He created the first human ever: Adam AS. Now we imagined the Ruh’s life before Earth. Before Allah put them into their mommy’s belly. It was a complete life. A normal life that we do know now. Every Ruh was questioned right before they were sent to Earth ‘alastu birobbikum?’ or ‘Who is your God’ and the Ruh.. all of them (including yours) answered ‘of course You Are’. 

The Ruh is Light. Little part of Allah’s light. And it is now make sense if some verses says ‘Allah knows you better than your self’ because maybe, the part of Allah is inside us,. or ‘Allah is nearer than your jugular vein’ because our Soul is part of His Light, and that is way He is so near. Very near. 

Now that the baby is born. The Ruh is the one who is mature inside the baby. He can’t talk yet, he just can feel emotion. Emotion is dominating the baby, and the Ruh is there to recognise things but not to deliver things. Emotion beats Ruh. Slowly, as the brain evolved, the mind beats emotion.

There are three quotient that we all agreed for; Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), and Spiritual Quotient (SQ). People are now trying to enhance the last one; SQ. All in search on how to enhance the Spiritual Quotient. 

I was once quoting Sherlock Holmes in my previous post, that instinct is a fact that is too fast for human brain to process.

Why I quote it again? because here is the relevance:

The Ruh is always matured. It is the one who talked directly to God. Our brain wasn’t created back then, and so does the heart. It’s the Ruh that knows who is the God. But the Ruh can’t talk. It only absorbed information, and try to communicate it with the brain or heart. Once the brain is dominant, the Ruh can’t do anything about it. It silences forever. But the Ruh won’t stop trying. 

It also tries to communicate with other Ruh. The Ruhs that it has known for decades, from previous life, before they were sent to Earth.

If you listen to it carefully, (and I bet you should), you will find a crystal guidance that you never understood how. Like a flash of light, it just happen to came to your mind, and you believe it’s true. 

Was it mean that Islam believe in reincarnation? That there is a previous light? No. It wasn’t reincarnation, because reincarnation means you were born, and then you die, and then you were sent back again to Earth. Islam believes the journey is a one way journey. No look back (in regret). The Ruh was created as a matured knowledge, and then it was sent to Earth in a various races and identities, and then it dies, and it goes to another dimension, and it was again being asked on how they do their life on Earth. Being asked means getting reward or punishment for either forgetting who it was or standing tall no matter what. And Islam believes in yaumul akhir-the end of the world. Doomsday. When all Ruh are resurrecting, and got paid for what they did. Life after that, is Heaven and Hell, and there is no in between, for the infinite length of time. Wallahu ‘Alam.


If you believe that the Ruh is a matured creation, then you should know that you need to listen to it more.
But how?

Nouman Ali Khan also explains that Allah created physical light and non-physical light. The physical light is the light that we can see, and it has the receptor; the eyes. The non-physical light, which light I mentioned above as part of Allah’s light, also has its receptor; the Ruh. Now I’m telling you about the source. The source of physical light is.. everyone must agree on me.. the Sun. The Sun is the source of energy and light for this universe. Different galaxies has its own Sun, and we have only one Sun. The source of non-physical light is Al-Quran. Why is that? How do I know? 

Nouman Ali mentioned Surah An Noor - 35 - it will show you that Allah is Light upon Light and He gave us parable. Beautiful verse. 

 The receptor of this light, is the Ruh. This is why our heart always feel connected with the Quran once the mind is clear, because there is no barrier between the heart to the Quran, and it makes it easier for the Ruh to accept its Light. Al Quran is the only kitab that Allah guarantees it’s originality. And at the end of the world, all the verses will gone. The light will gone. 

The eyes who receive enough lights, will see things clearly and understand more than the eyes who get lack of lights or too much of it. This is how we have to used Quran, not by reading this the entire day (because we should life and do something for living), but not too little because we can’t see anything when its dark. The soul will be weaken when its dark. And when the soul is weak, you can’t spot the difference between the Soul that was your friend back in the day of your first creation, and who is not your friend. When the mind hand over this decision for you, that’s when you chose everything as limited as the brain capability.


When you love someone.. say, you marry her. You don’t love her at the first stage of dating. You lust her. You want the idea of her becoming yours. Love is what happen when two people living together, and things are so messed up, there is storm coming, and you both stay. You love her when she’s not easy to be with, but you stay. You love her if she’s hard to understand and she won’t say anything, but you understand anyway.

You were wrong if communication is the root of all solution. Because not every talk is healthy, not every question is healthy. The right thing to do when you want to love a person is; Understand and Respect.

When you understand, you understand the unspoken. You don’t force her to say what she wants, because she doesn’t wanna say it, because it’ll be different if she says, which makes it as a demand, and its a normal thing when you fulfil a demand. She wants it to be a gift, something that you give without she has to ask. Understand now?

Okey, move forward.

When you understand, its not you who got an extra work. Its not your heart, nor your mind. Its your soul. Try to silence a little. Try to relax a little. That’s when you give a space for the soul to re-connect with you wife’s soul. They’ve known each other forever, remember? Its your heart and mind who blocks their communication. 

I witness this tonight, how a wife was so mad to her husband but she doesn’t say a thing. She’s so mad, but she’s too afraid to hurt the husband because of her anger, and too afraid to humiliate the husband if she talks to other people, which she really want to. I said to her that I’ve been thinking about her lately and I don’t know why, and then she came to me by saying there’s this problem she really wanna talk about but she couldn’t but she’s hurting now, and she cried. So I called her to come, to the coffee shop where I was at.

Little did she knows, the husband text her at the same time, revealing the weight she had for weeks that she tried to bury deep, in a constant solution that he offered as a loving husband. She then came to me with a lighter heart, no longer carrying the weight, and hopefully tonight they both fell in love again. 

What is my point here?

The husband.
Look at what he just did. In the midst of his busy schedule, he left the wife, not knowing about her being mad or what, not say anything about the weight he knew that she had, but suddenly he came out of nowhere, asking if there is something wrong, that he knows something is wrong, and by Monday he will take a huge step to fix everything. A huge change that the wife always wanted. She didn’t ask for the change, but the husband understand that she want a change. And he is willing to do that. 

Its one of the sign that their soul is communicating. In silence and anger, when the wife hold her self to not throwing the plates to her husband, is when her soul tried to reach his soul. Sending messages that something need to be fixed. 

if you’re willing to understand your wife, you can’t play it by logic, which dominated your whole life. Nor your heart, because you rarely use it too. Its your soul. And its not too late to wake him up. The soul. If he’s asleep, its not too late to wake him up, by giving it the light it needs. Try to reconnect with her soul, by silencing your mind and your heart. You both know that its not because of your mind that you two met, its not because your heart that you two fell for each other. Its the soul that fight for one another.


And if one day you have a kid, just remember, that the kid has its Ruh. The Ruh is all matured, grown up, and understand your Ruh. Train it to be balanced with both heart and mind. By feeding not only the brain and the heart, but also the Ruh. 

If you ask me how to feed a Ruh, I’ll throw this pillow to you.



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