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Finding God

Isn't it weird that the way God answer to a prayer, is the same with the law of energy? The second laws of energy stated that, the amount of energy that received is equal with the amount of energy that released. 

Islam has taught us that if we think Allah will forgive our sin, He will forgive our sin. If we think Allah will answer your du'a, He will answer our du'a. Allah is what we think He is, and therefore it is strongly suggested that we should keep the good thought of Allah, a positive thought. That is how happiness works. When we decide to be happy, there we become happy. 

Let's take a look at the sky for a moment, in the middle of Ramadan, where the moon shines softly and the clear night sky be upon us.. have a look at the stars, and think how old is the universe. Some article mentioned that our galaxy, the Milky Way is 12 billion years old, and the universe is something between 15 - 20 billion years old. And the amount of energy we have now, is as much as the amount of energy when it first created.

Remember the first law of energy oh come on I know you don't like physic back at high school, Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. 

There are people who desperately in search of God, that they even create theories that God is the Universe itself. Which means, God is the energy, and by the sign He gave us that He is as close as our jugular vein.. it's easier to say that God is the energy. Transformed, flowed, created, moved, and has no anti-energy. He created us in pairs, so that we know that our Creator is one and Has No Pair, just like the energy.

But my darling.. One can keep on searching, but will never find anything. For the human's brain was not design to find Him in that way. That's the way God Created balance, to combine brain and heart. Brain is where all the knowledge lies, and heart is where we believe in the unspoken truth. 

All we have to do is to believe. He is there, watching, He is here, comforting. He is where we think He is. And why do we feel so alone if He is there? 

Maybe.. it's the disconnection. Maybe.. it's the distraction that disconnect us from His messages. Maybe, we're trapped on too many negative energies that we barely see the light to crack His codes.

God created the universe, galaxies, stars, and then.. the planets. Humans, and all living creatures. All to what? There must be a lesson for us to think, a code to crack, a message to understand. Billion of stars are managed perfectly, and then look inside, we'll see our DNA are also in its perfect arrangement. Isn't that amazing how the simple realisation of God's detail kept us forget that our prayer Will eventually be answered?

If He can be so detailed of all things, including soil layers, human's gene, protein structure, stars alignment, planet position and it's connection with human character, named Zodiac, how could you think that He is forgetting you, and Ignoring you? If you keep on praying but He seemed like remain silent, how could you blame Him for Not Showing?

The Almighty knows what is best, that's when the heart plays its role. We're all created in limitation, including the ability of logical thinking. Don't be too cocky by thinking that you can think about everything, solve everything, and plan everything.


Do you know what will happen if Allah loves someone? He will sent Jibril to the angels that stayed and crowded the sky, to love that someone as much as Allah loves that someone. 

By the way, did you believe in Angels? The angels were created from light, and we can't see them especially since Allah has not given our eyes the ability to see them, and scientifically speaking is because the speed of light is not for human's eye to catch (what a same). 

One hadith mentioned that if we share the Earth with another living creatures, animals, plants, and that's the sky.. is only the place for angels. Up there, they're pray to Allah, and worship Him. Because every Angels have specific duty, they only live to fulfil their own duty as Allah gave. 

Indeed, they also watching for us down here.


If Ramadan cannot motivate us to obtain Allah's love, I don't know what will.
If Ramadan leave without us having the thought about our self, our deen, and the messages of Quran, I don't know what will.

Ramadan only comes for a month, since the moon only a tip of a peek, until it back to a tip of a peek. But human in faith, will started to change their habit. Their sleeping schedule, their eating schedule, detoxing them self from all negative energies, and reborn. As white and pure as a baby. 

Why do we need a new year to be a better person, when we know changing habit isn't one night act?

We have Ramadan, and that will make us a better person. Then we'll try to live our normal life, with trial and sharing ears with satan and angels. We're tested today and every day, just to see how strong our willingness is to keep the faith. And if the curves is getting lower and hopeless, there when (Insya Allah) we meet Ramadan again. To keep us reminded, that He is Watching. He wants Us to be a better person. He is longing to meet us, in our best version possible. 

Each person must have their dark past. 
It's the struggle one must fight, by believing that He is the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. 


So by now, when you feel like somebody disrespect you, remember that Allah respects you. when you feel like left alone, remember that Allah will never leave you. And even when you think that your parents didn't love you, remember that Allah loves you more than your parents ever did, because He Created you. 

As long as you ask for it. As long as you pray for it. As long as you obey Him, follow His rule, and never betray Him.

"We know nothing about God [or the world] at all. All our knowledge is but the knowledge of schoolchildren. Possibly we shall know a little more than we do now. But the real nature of things, that we shall never know, never." Albert Einstein. 


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