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I.. Doubt that!

Second thought, maybe is the scariest thing someone could have. Especially if their wedding day is only a couple months away…


Blair Waldorf, is having a second thought on whether or not she should marry Louis, the Prince of Monacco. Her childhood dream is about to happen, becoming a princess, giving birth to the heir of the royal, when she lose her mind once she see Chuck is becoming the man she always dreamt of. 

She could always have Chuck, and not giving Louise a chance to walk in her life. But that’s not the lure of Gossip Girl plot. (If you watch the series, you’d understand). lol


All I’m telling you is, second thought could happen to anyone. Even Blair Waldorf, a powerful woman with strong determination on her life goal. (Or at least that’s how they make her). 

Here in this post, I’ll talk about why someone is having a second thought. 


An advertiser could earn million of money for changing people’s mind. It’s not easy, tho. Being an influencer, directing people to the path we want, to buy things we sell.. It takes skills and strong willingness to have people change their mind over our words. 

I could say, mind changing game is the most exciting one. The time when we conquer and win, is the time we feel powerful and in control. What’s better than being in control, over something that matter the most. huh?

But wait until it happens to your fiancee. Or your husband. Your wife. 

People change their mind every day, every hour.. even every minute. The advertisement, the online posts, the words people throw online, has affected deep to someone’s mind without they realise. One is becoming indecisive, less certain, and start losing track. 

You could have a happy relationship with your boyfriend, when suddenly a man came out of nowhere, behaving like the guy you always want your man to be, and you’re having a doubt of your happy - ten - years - dating - life. 

And why is that?


Ever thought that certainty is an elegancy only wise people have? Some people met their soulmates when they were eighteen, and they have made the decision ever since. ‘She’s the one’ he said.. or ‘he’s the one’. And not looking for anyone until they’re twenty five, and got married after nine years dating. (It happened to Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, lol). People with strong determination, could figure things that early. Lucky them, they only have a smooth love life, which makes them experience no other hands to touch. 

Some other may not met their soulmate until they are forty. And it’s not their fault if it’s already written in the star (even tho we’ll know for sure). Should we accused them on not having a strong description about their life goal? 
Nah.. wait a minute.


The thing about decision is, it takes clarity to define. If you want to be a doctor or a nurse. If you want to go to college, or looking for a job. If you want to get married, or.. stay single and partying all night. 

When you decide on something, your mind force you to re-take some old memories. The good and the bad. Considering all facts, and the perhaps. If the mind isn’t clear, the result will be unsatisfying - and yet due to certain circumstances, you still need to take it anyway - so in many case, when there’s a crash or a block down the road, you started to doubt your path.

Minimalism comes with clarity. To clear your space so you have larger room for your space. To take out your trash so you could enjoy the side you never realised exist before. This clarity brings you into peace. A decision took under clarity, is the soul speaking. The soul, is speaking in a tiny little voice. You won’t hear it with mind full of thought. It’s a whisper you didn’t realised exist until you experience calmness. 

Being alone, means clarity. Once in a while, take your self into a trip you never thought you would take. Because you were too scary of the possibility of being lost in the middle of the crowd, alone. Being alone makes you realised more things, and clear more sides. To the sides you didn’t understand before. 

Doubt will only come when you uncertain of your decision the moment you took it. Doubt, is an evil speaking, especially if you’re about to get married. Having a doubt about marriage, is the most disastrous thing I wish none of my reader will experience. Because in Islam, we already knew if you’re having a doubt, you should leave it hanging. No doubt is taken, until you’re fully aware of the choice. 

You have to be wide awake before making a decision, especially a life changing one. 

Clarity, peace, and serenity, are the best friends of a clear mind. No doubt will haunt if a decision was made under those wings.

Being indecisive only shows lack of clarity, lack of peace of mind, and weak determination on life goal. One who doesn’t know what they want, will up for everything, and fall for nothing. This is the battle that we should fight. To redefine the what-we-wanna-live. The only battle that we fought, is with our self. The doubt will disappear, once we set know what we want, or who we want. 

Minimalism could help you clear your space. Clear your mind from unnecessary thought. By removing excess from our life, is a sign of strong willingness to define the life we wanna live. We know we don’t want this one stuff to be around, because we know what kind of life we want to live. One by one, piece by piece, and it all must lead somewhere near clarity. Marie Kondo has also said, before you decluttering, you should first describe the life you want to live in. Is it the 5 pm sitting on the couch playing with the children, or is it the yoga every morning before work and take a walk to office and not bother with the traffic, or it could be everything possible and different to one another (don’t compare, please). 

Defining the life you want, is a tough work it self. 
It’s not a one night process. It could take weeks, or months. After all, it takes strong willingness, that you want to change your life.

So.. if you haven’t change your mind yet into being a minimalist.. well.. I doubt that. 


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