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A Wedding Speech for D&A

Here I come.. to the special day of my housemate, and I feel honour when she asked me to deliver a speech at her wedding. So I want to memorise, and freeze it here so everyone could read. *** "Saya kenal Kak Puji - that's how I call the bride - baru satu atau dua tahun belakangan. Sempat tinggal se rumah selama enam bulan, dan hanya dengan beberapa kali bertemu, saya merasakan 'klik' untuk kemudian memutuskan pindah ke rumah yang kita sebut pink house. Satu tahun yang lalu, Ka Puji mencari rumah untuk dia tempati. Meskipun banyak yang protes dan menyarankan untuk nge kost saja, dia tetap pada pendiriannya to live a decent life in a house she pay her self. She's indeed have a strong will about this one. Waktu itu dia juga tidak tahu kenapa begitu yakin harus tinggal di sebuah rumah ketimbang kamar kost-kostan. Setahun kemudian kita semua tahu, ternyata dia kesana... untuk bertemu dengan jodohnya. Siapa yang sangka dua orang dengan latar belakang begitu berbe

Second Thought.. or.. Second Opinion (?)

If someone thinks one could only love one person his/her whole life, they are wrong. Truth is, people can use love and affection like multiple choice. Only people with commitment will stay fully loyal and dedicated to one person, and that has nothing to do with love.  *** Oh, maybe I'm not the right person to tell you about these all-love-things. Because I'm a failure my self (even if I still believe in true love of mine out there, maybe he just asleep or.. falling into the wrong arms by now. Never mind). Anyway., the reason I'm writing you all these is because I was just realised how naive I could be all these time. Gossip Girl, the drama series about Manhattan elite, happen to open my eyes on how people keep making mistakes, hurting and betraying people they loved, but still get their apologies. Another mind-opening experience was with my best friend - including three a.m drive and have nothing in mind. He said that out loud, which made me confront him at the time,

I.. Doubt that!

Second thought, maybe is the scariest thing someone could have. Especially if their wedding day is only a couple months away… *** Blair Waldorf, is having a second thought on whether or not she should marry Louis, the Prince of Monacco. Her childhood dream is about to happen, becoming a princess, giving birth to the heir of the royal, when she lose her mind once she see Chuck is becoming the man she always dreamt of.  She could always have Chuck, and not giving Louise a chance to walk in her life. But that’s not the lure of Gossip Girl plot. (If you watch the series, you’d understand). lol Anyway,  All I’m telling you is, second thought could happen to anyone. Even Blair Waldorf, a powerful woman with strong determination on her life goal. (Or at least that’s how they make her).  Here in this post, I’ll talk about why someone is having a second thought.  *** An advertiser could earn million of money for changing people’s mind. It’s not easy, tho. Bein

Walking Solo, but Never Alone

From forties-single mother, until an Italian barista. My trip to Pacitan, is a moment worth remember. *** At some point in our life, we should really understand what it feels like to be alone. To walk alone, take the trip, and wandering with our self. Why? Because being alone means clarity. We see things clearly than before, understand deeper, and there.. you can see the reason behind everything. Ada satu moment dimana pertama kali saya bepergian solo yang masih saya ingat sampai sekarang. Itu adalah hari pertama dari rangkaian sembilan belas hari perjalanan yang akan saya tempuh. Masih terbayang rasa takut, kaku, gugup, dan terasing karena berada di negeri orang, yang bahasanya saya tidak kenal. Apakah saya akan menyelesaikan rencana perjalanan ini? kenapa rasanya tidak se-antusias ketika merencanakan setiap tujuan di dalam buku catatan? Kenapa gugup sekali rasanya?  Kami - waktu itu masih berdua dengan teman sebelum benar-benar sendiri - tetap memutuskan untuk mengeksplor isi