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Mystery of a Woman

Sometimes, we sit on the couch, or the bed, doing nothing, staring at the closed door, and thinking about.. absolutely nothing. 

Woman, works in mysterious ways. God created them to complete man's life. A man who is lonely, even when he's in heaven. Even when he got perfect life, he got whatever he wants, God still feel obligated to create a Woman for him. 


And why being a woman is so complicated?

Like, one day you wanna move mountains and the other day you just wanna sleep all day. Like it's so easy ruining your life in a blink of an eye, and then rebuilding it up again for one night. You can be sad, and empty, but smile the brightest and none knows if you're pretending. But the other day also, you act truly to your heart, poker face, give no shit, and people still think you're fine. 

I don't know. It's just too confusing to write. 

Shout out to all women going thru the same shit of this confusing phase. Maybe in her mid twenties. or thirties. or forties. or whatever age it is. 

Woman is the most individual creature of all. I bet this is true, because they hardly can work together as a team. Only a few number of women can work their relationship last for a lifetime, the rest are history. They can only work better with men, as they always need the spotlight and the stage for public to stare at. Their ego, and ambitions, are hillariously demanding so they can share the stage with another woman. 


The woman who has clarity. Inner peace within her self, and outrageously smart. These women are rare and hard to find. Because, just like melting iron, they've been thru hell before they found those two qualities (inner peace and smart mind). These women can handle them self, can be a water in a fiery situation. They empower each other, lift up each other's chest, and fix each other crown. 

In the world full of hatred, this is the woman you need to spend your life with. 


What does it feel like to be a woman in minimalism world, when shopping is relieving, new pair of shoes is healing, and beauty is on sale?

Good things won't come easy. So being a woman in minimalism world, is frustrating in the beginning. You may break the rule once in a while, just to crawling back on track. Nope. I won't say it's easy. It's freakin hard, that you need effort, commitment, and loyalty. 

That's when you find your quality. It makes you real. What real women want, is simple. 

They want effort, honesty, love, and compassion. They don't fancy money, but they fancy you. They fancy the time you spent together, the talk you share, and all the things to remember not stuff to possess. 

They may sometime be sad or mad at you for no reason, (especially during or before period), but they'll heal fast and get back to you again. Real women, in a minimalism world, requires real men who understand her perfectly. 

That's what we value the most. Understanding.

I just watch a movie about teenage girls, who has been broke for so long, social rejection, lose her father, and complicated sibling relation. She's so depressed, and she took wrong moves all the time. So messed up for one story to begin with. Yet, I watched it in tears, as I have no idea what I'm doing with my life right now. 

I mean.. even if I'm no longer a teenager, no longer a confused seventeen girl who had boyfriend and got big Teddy bear for birthday, I can still sense the same confusion and rage. It's too peopley out there, we don't wanna go to a party, but we need to be socially acceptable, but we can't fit in..

Then I imagine how does it feel like to have teenage kids. I'm craving for children right now, thinking of how important it makes me to own a baby and raising him/her with my own hands. But I never think about how time will grow them up, how Earth's movement will make them bigger each and every day. And one day.. bam! I don't know who they are again. 

The movie is 'The Edge of Seventeen' played beautifully by Hailee Stainfield. She's so talented young lady. 


You know what.., 

People change every day, and woman change faster than the trees. (some of them). You may know one woman and the other day, you lose her because she's a complete stranger even for her self. 

But don't worry. This too shall pass. Until they find them self, until they evolve completely, be there for them. Women are so fragile that they could never be alone, no matter how strong they look from the out side. I know women and their stories from some friends who talk to me. One coffee shop to another, one car drive to another, I share so many stories that you might only hear it from the book or movies. But it's real. 

Sit back and relax. The world is playing its role, and whatever happen, it's for the good. They can smash you down, like a smashed potato, squeeze you deep and you barely have no shape, soft and ruined and messed up. But when it's time.. they'll take you out, put you on a plate, and be.. a delicious smashed potato, with cream soup, celery bow, flowery tomato, and price tag (so expensive that a cheap boys couldn't afford). 

Don't worry, haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate. 

Turn back to your friends, tell them you love them, and enjoy every moment. This won't return. People grow. 


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