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Tidying Up! Now!

If you got trapped into situation where you are emotionally exhausted, overwhelmingly sad without knowing why, and physically tired.. Try to look around.

Maybe you've carried too much baggage that weigh you down. So that you could never be genuinely happy. You don't know why, but you keep feeling sad over and over again. You craved for something that you know isn't yours and won't be yours.

If this has happened to you, or is happening now, try to look around. Look at the ceiling in your room. Look at the corner, under the table, look everything your eyes can see.

Is there any clutter there?
Is there any pile of stuff stuck for ages?
Is there anything you never used but you keep it in the room just to make sure it was there?

And if the answer is yes, then you must discard them all.



Clutter means unnecessary belonging filling the space. What good does clutter bring? Zero. What joy does clutter have? Zero.

Maybe its the used pen you keep so dearly because it reminds you of your past. Or maybe its the stuck of old cloths you never used for the last six months (and maybe you will never use it again because you're no longer that person with that style).

Clutter means the used stuff that no longer spark joy and beneficial to us, but we keep it for memories.

For the love of God.. Memories only lives in our hearts. Not in physical possessions.


I was in the heaviest headache for the last two days. After I hang out with some friends (and ate ice cream - I definitely can't eat ice cream at all), I was sick. The heaviest sickness during the year. Normally this sickness will healed after I throw up or take a pill. But this time, I vomitted for like.. Three times, and took three pills.

None of them healed me. Even the last post I wrote, it was using one eye closed for I cant afford too much light to my head.

But then..

After I went home early from office this afternoon, I try to sleep my head. Try to take some rest (after one pill), before the phone keeps ringing. Clients. The impatient clients are calling. the calls I ignored for good.

And it makes me even harder to sleep so I decided to wake.

I was overwhelmingly in pain.

And that's when I decide to tidying up.

I see my desk has covered with clutters for months. So I began with the desk. Discarding one paper to another, sorting each item into different category and store them with their tribes. After a few minutes, the desk is cleared. All the things that left are just laptops, pencil case, and a few important notes on the note holder.

So I continue to another storage where I found two cloths, which I promised my self to never wear them again, and some accessories I was only wear in special occasion. There are places for stuff like that. Make sure you categorized them well, and store them in the place you wouldn't forget.

As for the rest of the items, are going out as a donation.

Surprisingly, when the room is cleared and I can see some white space I'd never seen before, the headache was gradually gone.

Not until an hour later I'm all healed. And already sittin with my laptop tryin to keep up with the work I procrastinated before.


Midnight and its all done. The work has done, fulfilling its due. The headache has gone (but may return if I sleep late again).

So darling, don't be afraid of losing the attachment with stuff you never used. Minimalism is a training to letting go. For life is an endless come and go, and we won't stop losing until we lost...

Lose the attachment to things so it prepares you well when you lose something you keep so dearly.

Ask your self.. 'Is it spark joy?' 'Is it useful?' 'Will I use this again?'

All good things will only come after you let go. And by letting go, you give chances for the stuff to be useful for other who need them. There isn't worse feeling than feeling abandoned and unused, and stuff has feeling too.

Oh you don't believe me that stuff can have feeling and vibrate it to you?

In physics we call it String Theory, a vibration which communicate.
And in religion, we believe that everything in this universe, are praying, dzikr to Allah.

Only clutter would spark its negative vibe, and only people who maintain clutter would absorb all the vibes they spark.

Chose your companion wisely,. Everyone loves sugar, but only a little who realised that life could be some spice, bite and sour.


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