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Still No Post

Here's why:

Yesterday, I was on trip. Field visit, as I work as a consultant, I assess their field to bring out the best and applicable recommendation for sustainable practice on plantation company. So yeah, I travel a lot and travel often to the east and south side of Indonesia.

Now that I'm in East Kalimantan.

What so special is the remarkable distance.

My flight schedule was 06.40 which means I have to start from home at 03.00 (and the driver has arrived since 02.30). And that's.. When the journey began.

Garuda Indonesia, was delayed! Rarely happen, but boarding time was accurate. Delayed for thirteen minutes, but is not a big deal.

Our arrival time at Balikpapan was only thirteen minutes late, and still not a big deal.

Lunch, rest, and then depart to Samarinda for like four hours. Which is normally three hours.

From Samarinda, the trip estimated to be five hours. So its nine hours total in Kalimantan and seven hours spent between home to Balikpapan.

Sixteen hours in the sky and on the road, makes me.. Quiet. Not because of i'm mad.. But because I'm really enjoying my self. Not talking to anyone unless for one or two. Reading my book and thinking for my self. All the way down the road, I've been rearranging my life plan.

And today is a surprisingly long trip. I designed the schedule as careful as I can, but that's the best I can do: planning and designing. God decides still. Today supposed to be the short day. Quick meeting in the morning (2 hours) and ground check for the nearest location. Supposedly we've arrived before sunset or not long after.

Turns out, we're stuck on the road for six hours. The bridges are down, the roads are impossibly passed, after a long hours of rain, its flooding everywhere. We even passed a trapped car. Alone, in the middle of Oil Palm Plantation, the car trapped in the mud. We helped him, before we get stuck. And got another car helped us.

Six hours, with a muddy path. I'm all quiet because I'm really really enjoying the trip. I love road trip. Even more with an ocean of stars above me. I can't really see them along the way, but when we're in the middle of an empty land, the sky is crystal clear. All stars are there. All bright. All clear. I wanna cry for happiness. Its not everyday I can see the stars that much. Its so many of them. Zillion. They're so close to each other almost no space for a dark sky. I love them. I love dense stars. I love clear sky. I love night sky with heavenly zillion stars. I love the scene I saw tonight.

Even when we get trapped in the middle of flooded field again, I dont mind. Because when the car stopped, I can take my head out of the window and see above. The stars.. Are there. Zillion of them.


We've arrived at 23.00 an hour before blackout. Here in Long Mesangat District, Kutai Timur Regency, the electric is only for 18.00-24.00. I took shower in rush before the blackout.

And today.. I make my wish come true: I pray in that beautiful magnificent mosque made by Ulin Wood.

Ulin Wood is the best wood of all. The strongest, and the most expensive nowadays. None will plant Ulin Wood (or Kayu Ulin in Bahasa), as it takes whole life to harvest (around 50-60 years of Kayu Ulin that can be made as plank). And this mosque, 20x20 meters, all built by Kayu Ulin.

I pray inside.

Even with all the glorious look, it still empty and dirty inside. No enough money yet to build the interior design. They still collecting the money (currently someone stole the money they put in a jar). Muslim here is only 30%, mostly from Kutai Ethnic and Java or Bugis (the migrant resident). But they can build their own big exquisite mosque.


That's the reason I have no post for today. I already have a topic in mind, but I'll wait until the time is right to put that properly here in my page.

Apologize for the inconvenience, come back again any time.

Long Mesangat, 13.10.2017 01.13


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