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Marvelous Conspiration

Despite of all talks about minimalism and living a peaceful life, I also dragged into some topics about work ethic. 

See that in this age (which, I am in my middle twenties now), is the age of huge fast changing. I can say that most of people I used to know, are not the same person anymore (including me). Our environment has transformed us into a new person, we've built stranger inside, that we can't deny. 

This is interesting, because from the place I work for, I can still spotted people who.. remain the same. 


There's nothing wrong about sentiment. That makes us human, by the way (will be extinct, any soon). But in work, things are easier without sentiment. Why?

Once you've eliminate the feelings, you'll work twice harder than before. You'll push your self, in the name of hard work and one lead to another, you'll push your coworker too. 

You won't care its either they're in some kind of family trouble, or illness whatsoever. They must get the work done, and without feeling involved.. it'll be a piece of cake. 

In the other hand, millennials (age between 18-35) are still the big hearted one. They use feelings as weapon. To empathize other, and craved for sympathy. They have no doubt in showing weakness if that means people will understand their position and the why they can't get shit done. But once thing go wrong.. poof! they're gone. You'll find them moaning in their insta-story, whatsapp-story, whatever story, blaming you for the exhaustion you caused. 

I know one millennial or two who need to sugarcoating things. They'd said that money don't fascinated them, compliment does. As if they're willing to live with respect and got no bill (but judging people living in their bills). And hey... it's all about judging. The money chaser and the compliment adorer. It's all the same to me. I don't wanna waste my time talking about them. 

My concern is, that in work life, sooner or later people are changing into robots. Not.. in the metaphoric way, but more of the realistic way. For the lack of sympathy has leading us to parting ways. When human can't fulfill their timesheet well enough, the boss will consider to kick them out and replace them with real robots. They're more efficient, less demanding, and more precise. All the good kind of good slave quality. 


Take a minute here. 

Where are we now?

In the middle of busy hour, a pressure of whatsoever, and bank phone calls every afternoon,..

Where are we?

Is this the life we've dreamt of?

Is this what the earth need? 

Busy human heading to nowhere?

We're all have mission here, what is your mission?

Ah.. speaking about mission, I'd tell you one thing about marvelous mission you may avoid but unwittingly admired. 

It's a series of movies, heroic act of saving the universe. It spoiled the eyes with beautiful heroes, beautiful words, smart and astonishingly smart. I too admired one of those, and it ruined my head for a couple of week after watching one. 

I suspect what mission do they brought, for the last movie I watch, has this code by saying "It's not a place, it's the people". Kind of direct message to all of us here, with the remaining war that we only can judge from social media and fake media news. The seizure of territory. A border that destroyed. Blood that taken. Children, women, all for dignity of the people and the rights upon a territory (got it yet?).

That lead me to google the company's history, only to found that I was right. (not surprised). God (My God), has created that people, with a special character. They are indeed the special one. Just like the Devil, who used to be one of the angel. God has created them with beautiful talent, smart brain, exquisite look, and all special feature human can have (no wonder they're the one who feared of Allien's attack). They are afraid of extinction, for they have nowhere to live but to live in other people country while fighting their own. 

And they could make the world fall in love with them easily. Not just falling, more like.. depending. (I can say I can't go a day without things they've created, say.. facebook.... ha now you got me). 

Their special talent is to infiltrates the mind, and move a person to obey his will. All of their admirer, has.. unwittingly, following their command. 

To abandoned our faith. 
To trade our dignity. 
To forget our identity. 

All to fulfill their ambition:

Conquering the world. (As they keep on talking about in every single series). 

Yeah, it's sad. Because I know how much you love them. How much you love the story and the idea of its existence. 


We're all too busy at work that the more we work, the more we craved for entertainment. And that's when they come in handy, helping people to entertain them self.. 

mean while...

What is it that makes us busy working? 
What has drive us these far to keep our brain exhausted? 


Like a circle of conspiration, yes? First, they make us forget our identity. Second, they put them self as a hero who helped us getting thru hard time with fantastic shows. Third, they drive us away from our root. Before we know it.., we are their slaved. 

Even when we have bills to pay at the end of the day,. never let that consume the whole space in our mind. Try to always remember of who we are, and why we're here. People like that, are hard to manipulated. Identity, is what matter. 


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