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Getting Rid of a Lousy Feeling

Perhaps its easy for me to say that a minimalist should master the art of feeling-picking. Somehow people get trapped into something too deep that they don't even know whether or not its useful for their life.

Say.. Love?

Don't you agree that we could fall in love in just a blink of an eye without knowing why and it takes endless time to forget?

Yeah, a minimalist won't make it hard to let go when he/she knows that it's not his/hers to keep.

To me its easy because lucky me, I'm an Arian. (Oh yeah zodiac matter), plus I've experienced certain of pain through leaving and get left behind so I could say, in this situation.. Am the expert.

We do forget people quickly, shame to say.. Its too quick for certain people with no value. And you wouldn't know how relieving it is until you tried.

I know in Islam there's no such thing of cutting people down, as silaturahmi is one thing human must keep until they die. Connection will bring value and unexpected blessing, if I may add.

So I'm not here to teach you how to cut down the ties. I'm here to tell you, how to pick a good one to keep and let the rest remain.. A story one shall look at any point in their life


I bring 'Love' as an example because can you imagine how hard it is to have love but not be able to share it or tell it? To keep it under your coat and hide it away?

Those feelings.., love, guilt, anxiety, all that we try to hide is like a ghost haunting us down, no matter how far we've ran. And it makes us less productive. All the minutes spent to think about those feelings, are equal to throw all the productive works you can finished.

A minimalist will be wise enough to let which feeling they allow to bother them. How many of us will click the shut down button for a relentless thinking inside while working? Or did we go with it in a camouflage as a.. Multitasking?

Say it no more.

Lousy feelings, are the feelings that bothered you while you trying to concentrate. There's no good in them, the more you nurture it the bigger it grows in your head. Left no space for peace and clarity which helps you define your purpose and set the goal.

I once trapped into an unexpected love. I cant even explain why did I fall in love with the guy. Not until three months that I realised how wasted my time was, thinking about a guy who don't even think about me. I was once trapped into a wrong relationship, too. So believe me I know how to get rid of a lousy feeling and wrong story.

Minimalism makes my alarm is much more accurate. It helps me think and see situations differently as I have enough space to look inside. If my head is a mess, then I'll only have one peek hole to solve the case. A clear head will make a good decision.

But how to have a clear head?
How to be a minimalist?

Of all the key of success tip is: commitment. Every single time that you spent, you have faith in your heart to commit to only peace for your life. That's  a real good start. Why? Because without commitment, none will have the goal. And in this case now, the goal of a minimalist is simple: inner peace.

We've had enough chaos in the outter-world. Why would we bring that inside to our inner mind?

After you commit on being a minimalist, you'll start to let go.. One by one. All clutter around, cloths, books, papers, or even furnitures. The more space you got, the better place you have.

One lead to another, then you'll need to limit your self with only valuable relationship. You started to make a good conversation and limit your self from a shallow relation. Small talk and gossiping isn't become your thing anymore. You'd prefer silence then lousy noise. And that's where you found who your real friends are.

Only people who enjoy silence with you, is the people who is right for you.

Its okay to be selfish sometimes. But minimalism isn't a selfish act. Its the way people treat other, as the way they deserve.

So then, after a good relationship achieved, and the lousy feeling attached, a minimalist will know what to do. A minimalist will feel it deep, and as you may concern, they'll talk about it quite a lot, but they'll stop at some point. Realising that this is an endless way and not good. Quick and focus. That's how a minimalist get rid of something that don't belong to them.


I really appreciate people who regularly visit this blog. I hope it brings you value as much as you need. Minimalism isn't about limiting and avoiding, it's about realising of who we are, what we need, and how do we reach it.


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