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Smiling Sinatra

By becoming minimalist, means that one need to eliminate excess and control the desire. It applies not only for stuff and belongings, but also in social circle.

See that we all have that people who hang out with us every friday night when tomorrow is holiday, or every tuesday night when wednesday suck. In fact, not every one of them should stay in our table.

Pay attention to how they behave.Some people will just be kind to us when they need something, and that's normal. What not normal is when they start making us feel unwanted when they've got what they want.

This is a cruel, busy, short world to live. We shouldn't feel unwanted. Not even from the least significant person.

The feeling to be wanted.. Well.. I should say,.. Is one thing I barely have. Even when I date a guy for five years, never for a day I feel that he wanted me. He needed me, its true. And being needed is different with being wanted.

So if your girlfriend or boyfriend ask you whether or not you want them, say it. Say it that you want them in your life. Not a need, but a want.


Minimalist focus on every part of life that only brings joy. Stuff, relationship, activity, the ability to get rid of excess is one of inner peace skill. And it takes days, months, even years to train.

I trained by pushing away the impulsive shopping desire, that.. At least help me minimise number of clutter in the house. I still have some clutter I couldn't get rid of. No matter how convincing I sound that I no longer need the red pants, I always give it second change over and over again. Why?

Because letting go is still hard for me.


For the last five days I've been moving to three different town. From West Java where my grandparents live, to West Kalimantan where I have two hours of discussion (but fly back and forth for two days so it makes three), and now I'm in North Sumatera for the next seven days (before going to Central Java).

My mom cries, thinking how tired I am. But I said I'm fine.

I am fine.

I actually am..


Because mind is a tricky thing, it only give you feeling that you allow. So I dont allow exhaustive to haunt me and instead, switch it to happiness.

One thing minimalist should do, is to stop wanting what they don't have. If you can't go to places where people go, stop moaning for why you can't go but they can. Instead, learn to believe that from where you are now, you are better and happier, because living life like other people, is not that glorious when you are in their shoes.

And then, once the mind can make herself happy, help it by putting some stuff that spark joy. Things that you keep because you really like that. Because when you see that, you feel something bright in your heart and you feel.. Undescribably happy. It only simple things, like flowers, or painting, or picture..

Even the happy mind can get tired. So your whole body need to collaborate to help the mind happy. Doing some sport, if it helps you relieve, then do it and quit procrastinating. Praying or reading Quran or Bible, if it helps you trust the process and eliminate anxiety, read it and understand the meaning. Even, understand beyond meaning.

See the universe as one big world and you are only particle of dust, unseen, and insignificant. It'll help you to believe that your problem is nothing and there will be a solution for that.

Help the mind, help the heart, by focusing your energy only to what you have.

If negative people hate you, and they do things to suck happiness out of you, stare at the spark joy things. Smile as it brings you that much joy.



the spark joy display in my room that helps my mind and heart happy after a long tough day, is.. A Smiling Sinatra.

His smile is so wide, his blue eyes spark genuine happiness, and the album cover is white.

I love seeing the smile that bright. It reminds me of life is not that weight. Look! A famous star, singer with extremely genius song, is a high tree, and when the tree is high, the wind is harder. But if he could smile that bright.. Why can't I.


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