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Covering the Lies, as Standard Procedure of Living

That happy couple you see everyday from social media? Maybe not that happy. Maybe she's lonely, and he desperate of leaving the 'party'.

That happy lady whose post you envy for, maybe she's not that happy. Maybe she's lonely, and desperate of having none to talk.

That awesome guy who has incredible feed? Maybe he's not that awesome. Maybe he's lonely, and dying inside.

See, that now things are easier to assume. From the moment we click 'send' button, we've already tell the world of who we are. Or at least, of who we want they think we are.

People are getting so used to hiding, wearing a mask, pretending its all fine, or instead busy selling their misery. Misery loves company, still.

We are all connected now, old friends, new friends. So easy to communicate, but not to understand. The easier people expose them self, the less they care about anybody else. We make friends, make an appointment, meet up at coffee shops, had a good laugh and a good talk, but that's how far it can be. As they walk to their home in a separated ways, the laugh, the joy, and the friendship left on the table.

Maybe not all of it. Maybe there is some old-school kinda friendship who doesn't require social media to proves its existence. And if you still have one, hold it with your heart. Do whatever it takes to keep it alive.


We are getting more and more busy each day. To earn more and more money as we can. We build a wall up high, so none will see when we cry inside. We're so afraid of opening up, thinking that they will leave us when they know how dead we are. We kept on pretending and its for good.

Until one day..

We heard that a famous musician die on suicide. And so another famous singer. Then, social media makes its move by showing suicide rates all around the globe.

We then feel afraid of suicide. Or to be exact: afraid of death. As if we deny the fact that its the only assuring thing to happen to us.


I am reaching my middle twenties. Where the windows are started to open, several things are clear to me now, the questions I hid for so long. Never in my life, I can understand the way to be calm even under heavy pressure. As one window is open followed by another window, I have enough sunlight for me to understand thru listening and observing. To remain quite and dont talk about a lot.

One leads to another, as there are some doors I know I need to open. There are education and marriage. And when I confused on which door I should go first, social media makes it worst by showing how they both can be.

Truth is, not everything on social media represents of what it is. Yet, people still get trapped and jealous of their friends only because of their happy posts. Pointless jealousy, if I may say.

But this one is nothing to argue about. Social media has shaped our image, fact number one. Fact number two,social media is a source of life, as people are craving for connection. Fact number three, by eliminating certain people in your connection, you become more focus on what the people you love talks about. And not only to just knowing by seeing their post and read their caption, but also by observing their tone and their mood through the words they chose.

If the people means so much to you, then their happiness will bring joy to you. It reflects back as in law of energy. The only reason is: you. The one who need to be happy is: you. If the happiness of others affect you, keep it for you. Learn to love yourself in a crowded world because none will do that for you even if he marries you.

Eliminate connections that only hurt your heart. A cruel words, a weird picture, something you don't like to see, its not cruel to unfollow the one who used to be your closest friends. Because even a lover can remain lover without love gets involved. Ego will turn mud into wine, none knows how, but if you live to please others, be ready to eat their poop.


Its a strange world we're living in.
The end is near, as the civilisation is changing.
We are not done, yet.
More changes, more damage will come soon,
Until there is nothing left, and none is too poor to buy a chicken or pork.
Economics are getting better, while environment is in reverse.
Al Quran has written the world as it is.
The lost Atlantic, was once a sophisticated civilisation with ultimate advance devices.

What are we defending for?


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